Classification : Plastic Recycling Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Peter Tsai
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1.Drivetrain: High torque precision gearbox.
2.Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. Replace filter screen as necessary.
3.Filler masterbatch is used to mix with a plenty of plastic raw materials to produce high-concentration masterbatch.
4.Applicable Materials: PP,LLDPE, LDPE, PLA, EVA, and PVC.
5.Maximum CaCO3 up to 80%~90%.






Extrusion capacity Up to 350 kg/hr Up to 450 kg/hr Up to 600 kg/hr Up to 850 kg/hr Up to 1000 kg/hr
Dispersion Kneader 55 L 55 L 75 L 110 L 110 L
Bucket conveyor 2 HP

2 HP

2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
Screw diameter Φ100 mm

Φ125 mm

Φ150 mm Φ175 mm Φ200 mm
Main motor 75 HP

125 HP

150 HP 175 HP 200 HP
Hot die-face cutting device Cutter motor 3 HP 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP 7½ HP
Hydraulic screen changer motor 5 HP 5 HP 7½ HP 7½ HP 10 HP
Air cyclone 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS
Vibrating screener Motor 1/4 HP x 2 pcs 1/4 HP x 2 pcs 1/4 HP x 2 pcs 1/2 HP x 2 pcs 1/2 HP x 2 pcs
Blower motor 5HP x 2 Sets 7½HP x 3 Sets 7½HP x 5 Sets 10HP x 5 Sets 10HP x 2 Sets
Silo capacity 600L 800L 1000L 1000L 1500L
  1. The screw is made of wear resistance materials. Ensure the longevity of product life.
  2. Sufficient dispersion
  3. Save cost of plastic raw materials
  4. Steady operation

Double-elbow feeding device

Dough-like plastic raw materials are preferable.
The design of double- elbow allows larger amount of input quantity.
Great compounded of plastic raw materials and filler masterbatch.

Hot die face air cutting device

Pelletizing knife is a universal joint design. Dust-free.