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Recycling machine designed for processing up to 95% printed surface material.

1. Improved cutter compactor for faster and more stable material feeding

  • Very fast and stable feeding from the cutter compactor directly into the extruder

2. 10% less power consumption; 20% higher output; 100% pellets re-usability

  • The pellets produced by the recycling machine can be put directly back into the production line, in most cases for blown film or pipe extrusion processes.


3. High efficient degassing connected with vacuum pump for environment protection

  • Able to process both printed and non-printed material 

4. Non-Stop dual channel piston filtration system

  • Filter with dual channel system for non-stop operation and reduces machine down time 


5. Automation Die face pelletizing technology for uniform pellets producing

  • Produces high quality plastic pellets for reprocessing

6. Intelligent pressure detection and alarm control system

7. Elegant industrial design

8. Polystar Machinery is able to customize each section of machinery regarding to customer's need.

  • Shape: Packaging film, bags, sheet, net, foam, tapes, PP Woven/Raffia, Plastic Regrind, flakes, granules, scraps, edge trimmed, washed film flakes

PE/PP Film Roll


Film Scraps

Bubble Film

Film Sheet

Shrink Film

Soft Irrigation Pipe

EPS Food Container


PP Non Waven

Stretch Film

Garbage Bag

Washed Flake

Waste Bags


Stapping Band

Bopp Waste

Laminated Film

Printed Woven Sack

Woven Sack

Swimming Pool Cover


Jumbo Bag
(Pre-crush needed)

  • 100% pellets re-usability right back into your production line
  • Minimal material degradation without property change
  • Reducing production cost by reprocessing your own industrial waste


1 - Feeding

Feeding of scraps is easy, flexible and automatically controlled.

Film-on rolls can be fed with nip roller feeder.

The conveyor of LDPE Printed Baby Diaper Sheet Reclaim Line is installed with esoteric metal detector made in Germany.

2 - Cutting & Compacting

Very fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder

3 - Double degassing

Able to process both printed and non-printed material

4 - Filtration

Filter with dual channel system for non-stop operation and reduces machine down time

5 - Die face pelletizing

Produces high quality plastic pellets for reprocessing

Model Name Repro-Flex
Final Product Plastic pellets/granule
Machine Components Conveyor belt, cutter compactor shredder, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling
unit, drying unit, silo tank
Output range 100kg~ 1200 kg/hr
Feeding Conveyor belt (Standard), Nip roll feeder (Optional)
Screw Diameter 65~180mm (customized)
Screw L/D 30/1,32/1,34/1,36/1 (customized)
Screw Material SACM-645
Degassing Single or double vented degassing, Unvented for non-printed film (customized)
Two stage type (mother-baby extruder) for even better degassing
Cutting Type Hot die face pelletizing (Water ring pelletizer)
Cooling Water cooled
Voltage Customized based on request (For example: USA 480V 60Hz, Mexico 440V/220V 60Hz, Saudi Arabia 380V 60Hz, Nigeria 415V 50Hz...)
Optional Devices Metal detector(S+S) , Nip roller for film roll feeding , Additive feeder for masterbatch, Centrifuge dryer for drying
Delivery Time 75~120 days for customized machine. In stock machines available
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

80~120 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 65mm
PE/ PP film

150~250 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 85mm
PE/ PP film

300~400 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 100mm
PE/ PP film

400~600 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 120mm
PE/ PP film

700~800 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 150mm
PE/ PP film

850~1000 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 165mm
PE/ PP film

1000~1200 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 180mm
PE/ PP film

Fast machine delivery and simple installation -

a clear advantage for South African customers

Multiple sets of recycling pelletizing extruders Repro-Flex have been installed in South Africa in the year of 2020, mainly for film producers and bag converters of LDPE, HDPE, PP and BOPP who process their post-industrial (factory) waste in-house.


Fast delivery time is beneficial for customers

The two most popular models being delivered in the market are the 500kg/hr (Repro-Flex 120) and the 350kg/hr model (Repro-Flex 100) recycling pelletizers, which are suitable for film and bag producers who need to process different types of waste generated during the production process: film scraps, edge trim, film on roll, cut-off and start-up waste back into high quality pellets.

Since Polystar has completed its newest and largest manufacturing facility in Sinji industrial park (located in southern Taiwan) in early 2020, it has been able to shorten its previous delivery time by more than 75%. This third manufacturing site was built specifically to focus on the manufacturing and quality control of its recycling pelletizing lines.

Upon order confirmation, a standard Repro-Flex 100 or 120 machine can be delivered within 1~ 2.5 months. This allows the producers to receive the machines much faster and put them to work within the shortest time – without the need to wait for a typical 6 ~ 12 months and having their cash flow blocked.

Local service and support improved

In order to provide better and more in-time after-sale services, Polystar began working together with ZA Machinery, who has been in the South African plastic industry for more than 30 years with an experienced technical team. Following a successful exhibition together at Pro-Pak Johannesburg 2019, where a Repro-Flex 120 (500k/hr model) was on display and sold immediately, the sales have increased significantly since then.


Fast and simple installation

The compact design of the Polystar machine is much simpler, which can be installed within 2~3 days upon arrival. The recycling machines are disassembled into only three main parts for shipment, and once unloaded from the container can be quickly assembled again. Polystar provides fully detailed 3D explosive drawings (with each part clearly marked and labeled), as well as pre-recorded instruction videos of installation, start-up, operation, trouble shooting and regular maintenance videos in which the customers operators have full access by simply scanning a QR code from their mobile phones. The user-friendly design allows operators to quickly become familiar with the machine operation.


Lower cost on spare parts is a big plus

Apart from fast machine delivery and simple installation, the cost of consumable spare parts is also much less expensive comparing to its European competitors with comparable built quality. This can further reduce the overall production and maintenance cost.


Work with POLYSTAR

An experienced market leader in the recycling field, especially for the recycling of packaging film

More than 1,700 Polystar plastic recycling machines have been installed worldwide since 1988

Proven success and positive feedback from satisfied customers in 105 countries

Flexible, personalized machine design to meet your specific requirement and factory layout

Top quality components used for the machines: Energy saving and high performance motors

Cost-effective machine: Lower investment cost for a high quality and durable machine



Service and Communication

Overseas installation service and training are available
Machine warranty with in-time spare parts delivery
Fast online trouble shooting