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A flexible recycling line for both hard and soft material

1. Direct feeding by screw feeder.

  • Very fast and stable feeding from the hopper directly into the extruder


2. 10% less power consumption; 20% higher output; 100% pellets re-usability

  • The pellets produced by the recycling machine can be put directly back into the production line, in most cases for blown film or pipe extrusion processes.


3. High efficient degassing connected with vacuum pump for environment protection

  • Able to process both printed and non-printed material

4. Non-Stop dual channel piston filtration system

  • Filter with dual channel system for non-stop operation and reduces machine down time


5. Automation Die face pelletizing technology for uniform pellets producing

  • Produces high quality plastic pellets for reprocessing

6. Intelligent pressure detection and alarm control system

7. Elegant industrial design

8. Polystar Machinery is able to customize each section of machinery regarding to customer's need.

  • Material shape: Pre-crushed films, bags, sheet, net, foam, tapes, raffia, regrind, flakes, granules, scraps, chips, edge trimmed
  • Material type: HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE, PP, BOPP, PA, PC, PS, PU, EPS,ABS

Hard Plastic Regrin

Washed Material



  • 100% pellets re-usability right back into your production line
  • Minimal material degradation without property change
  • Reducing production cost by reprocessing your own industrial waste


1.Direct Feeding

  • By screw feeder or conveying bel

2. Double degassing

  • Able to process both printed and non-printe material

3. Two-channel filtration

  • Filter with dual channel system
  • For non-stop operation and reduces machine down time

4. Simple-to-use die face pelletizing

  • Automatic pelletizing speed adjustment
    - Produces more uniform-sized pellets without labor intervention.

  • Automatic blade pressure adjustment
    - Less machine down time, easier to change and adjust knives
Model Name Repro-Direct
Final Product Plastic pellets/granule
Machine components Hopper feeder, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling unit, drying unit, silo tank
Output range 100kg~ 1200 kg/hr
Feeding Direct hopper feeding for heavy weight rigid regrind (force feeder can be added if light-weighted film flakes needs to be processed)
Screw Diameter 65~180mm (customized)
Screw L/D 30/1,32/1,34/1,36/1 (customized)
Screw Material SACM-645
Degassing Single or double vented degassing, Unvented for non-printed film (customized)
Cutting Type Hot die face pelletizing (water ring pelletizing)
Cooling Type Water cooled
Voltage Customized based on request (For example: USA 480V 60Hz, Mexico 440V/220V 60Hz, Saudi Arabia 380V 60Hz, Nigeria 415V 50Hz...)
Optional Devices Metal detector(S+S) , conveyor belt , screw feeder, force feeder
Delivery Time 75~120 days
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

80~100 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 65mm

100~180 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 85mm

200~300 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 100mm

300~450 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 120mm

450~700 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 150mm

700~900 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 165mm

900~1100 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 180mm

Sweden Post-Consumer Recycler Intelligent Recycling with POLYSTAR Repro-Direct

The Sweden reputed recycler, which is the professional recycler and collects plastics from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and other products from the automotive sector such as bumpers, battery packs, engine piping, etc. 

These Post-Consumer waste are contained with iron particles, wood pieces and paper labels…etc. Thus, the turnkey solution from the material sorting, cleaning, drying and processing into the high end quality recycled pellets are the essential factors toward business success. 

Thanks to the simplest yet powerful design of POLYSTAR’s recycling machine, plus integrate with FIMIC’s advanced auto cleaning filtration system. It ensures the excellent filtration efficiency and continuously high output performance.


The collected post-consumer ABS and PS regrind have the higher bulk density of 200-600 kg/m3 and is with more fluidity. 

Both properties contribute to the washing and sorting processes working better and the material thus being available in a more clean-sorted form. Meanwhile, POLYSTAR customize the tailor-made screw profile design which is optimized the melting flow paths and activities for both materials, and the specific pelletizing die head design is also beneficial for stabilizing the quality and consistency of the pelletizing process. 

Moreover, the customer request the intelligent water level sensing control on the vibration tank to optimize the cooling efficiency in time. 

With POLYSTAR simplified and user-friendly structure design, the cooling temperature can be visible monitored and controlled via intelligent PLC control system, the average output of its Repro Direct 150 is reached up to 700~800 kg/hr for our business benefit constant contribution, impressively described by the factory director.


As a professional recycler in the post consumer recycling industry, the excellent quality of the recycled pellets and high efficiency of machinery operation are the most important two indicators we pursue. 

Hence, we consider that the simplest yet powerful machine of POLYSTAR, and its high degree of fully automation control system can be met with our expectation, says by the customer.

By adopting with SIEMENS state of art PLC plus POLYSTAR intelligent HMI touch panel control system, the energy and current consumption can be monitored in-time, and the feeding, cutter compacting, extrusion, filtration, pelletizing units are flexible switched control and data setting precisely. The other value-added functionality of this smart PLC control system including as below:

1.Preheating sequence of the extruder temperature for higher degree of automation.

2.Process parameter data setting ,recording and simulation

3.Operation data curve analysis

4.Operation error alarm and in-time report


For processing the post consumer grade waste material, the efficiency of filtration system should be the critical factors for the higher quality and stable throughput. 

After comparison of several advanced melt filter solution by the client itself, they finally choose Italian FIMIC auto-cleaning filtration system as the higher cost effective solution. 

Thanks to the similar “ Simple yet Powerful” design concept and mentality of FIMIC. It can be perfectly integrated with POLYSTAR recycling line and perform the best filtration capability via mutual technical cooperation. 

The major advantage and core value of FIMIC auto-cleaning filtration system is indicated as below:

  • Lower Sensitivity: The scraper collects immediately the contaminations from the screen and avoid the contamination permanence or damage to the screen.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost: The cost of spare parts are approximately 5 time less expensive than other suppliers.
  • Easier Operation: Simplified configuration structure design, need only 30 minutes and one operator to replace a screen efficiently.
  •  Less Production Loss: As a general rule, the max. melt losses with FIMIC technology only reach to 0,5% - 1%.
  •  Specific Valve Discharging Technology: The valve can be automatically adjusted according to the amount of contamination accumulated, to ensures the maximum clean melt material keeping inside.


After converting the home appliance waste into recycled pellets, Degree of degradation is the major concern. 

Thus, the customer put back the recycled pellets into the injection molding machine for production and verify the impact resistance, tensile strength and flexural strength of the end product. As a result, the quality is met with our criteria and expectation, POLYSTAR proven its merits not only at its machinery, but also with the excellent quality of recycled pellets. A proportion of the recycled pellets will be mixed with the confidential additives and powder formulation into compounding process and develop the reinforced material for high-value market. 

We are committed to maximizing waste utilization and afford the social responsibility for global environment protection, emphasized by the customer.

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