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About Polystar
Polystar is a globally recognized top plastic recycling machines and blown film machines manufacturer in Taiwan.

Proven Success
▪  More than 3,200 machines have been installed since 1988
▪  Satisfied customers in 102 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, America
▪  Cooperates with industrial leaders in Germany and the United States
▪  200% growth in 2013

Manufacturing with Precision

▪  ISO 9001 assembly and testing centers in Taiwan
▪  CE,UL certified machines with total quality control
▪  Adopts the latest design and manufacturing of screw and barrel to achieve maximum efficiency
▪  Strong research and design team

Top Quality Components
▪  Energy saving and high performance motors (Siemens and ABB)
▪  Japanese made electrical components with extended warranty

Work with Polystar!
▪  Provides solutions to each customer's project
▪  Flexible machine design to meet your requirement and factory layout
▪  In-stock spare parts for fast delivery
▪  Technical assistance: overseas installation and training
▪  Machine showrooms in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Russia, India and Dubai

A main focus of Polystar has always been customer service, which continues to be a key factor in Polystar's high customer retention rate. In addition to online trouble-shooting, Polystar makes sure that all of its distributors are equally service-oriented with skilled engineering teams that provide installation, after sales services, and maintenance in their markets. Polystar provides services worldwide to all economic sectors including packaging, plastic production, recycling, environmental, construction, agricultural, and governmental sectors.

The future
With the success of K Show 2016 along with other exciting opportunities, Polystar is developing a broader range of advanced recycling solutions to meet the demands of different industries. Both cutter-compactor and single shaft shredder integrated recycling technology are provided to fulfill every recycling application. 

Global agents

Vietnam Vietnam
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Taiwan Taiwan
Turkey Turkey
Thailand Thailand
Russia Russia
Philippines Philippines
Nepal Nepal
Malaysia Malaysia
Mongolia Mongolia
Burma Burma
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Laos Laos
Japan Japan
India India
Indonesia Indonesia
Bangladesh Bangladesh
United States United States
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Mexico Mexico
St. Kitts Nevis St. Kitts Nevis
Jamaica Jamaica
Guatemala Guatemala
Dom. Republic Dom. Republic
Venezuela Venezuela
Uruguay Uruguay
Paraguay Paraguay
Peru Peru
Guyana Guyana
Ecuador Ecuador
Colombia Colombia
Brazil Brazil
Bolivia Bolivia
Argentina Argentina
Ukraine Ukraine
Sweden Sweden
Romania Romania
Poland Poland
Norway Norway
Latvia Latvia
Lithuania Lithuania
Italy Italy
Iceland Iceland
United Kingdom United Kingdom
France France
Finland Finland
Germany Germany
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Belarus Belarus
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Belgium Belgium
Albania Albania
New Zealand New Zealand
Australia Australia
Algeria Algeria
Cameroon Cameroon
Botswana Botswana

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Contact person: Jack Lin
Country: Taiwan (Asia)
Address: No. 101, Ln. 279, Sec. 1, Fu Chiang Rd., Yong Kang Dist., Tainan 710, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-6-2730889
Fax: 886-6-2730887

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