Classification : Blown Film Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-2730889
Fax: 886-6-2730887
Contact Person: Jack Lin
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  • ABA 3 Layer Co-extrusion
  • Film Width from 500~1500mm
  • Extruder Dia: 40mm,45mm, 55mm, 65mm
  • Material: HDPE,LDPE, LLDPE,CaCO3, Additives
  • Output: 45~150 kgs/hr
Model Name CE-ABA 3 Layer Co Extrusion Blown Film Machine
Final Product HDPE,LDPE, LLDPE Plastic Film
Application Flexible packaging bags, T-shirt bag, garbage bag, shopping bag
Material used HDPE,LDPE, LLDPE virgin raw material, recycled material, CaCO3 compound, biodegradable material, masterbatch and additives
Output range 45~200kg/hr (depends on extruder size)
Film Layer Multilayer - ABA Three layer
Screw Diameter 45+55mm, 55+65mm
Screw L/D ratio 28/1,30/1 (customized)
Screw Material SACM-465
Width 300~1400mm
HDPE 0.01 ~ 0.05 mm
LDPE 0.02 ~ 0.1 mm
Optional Devices Auto loader, masterbatch dosing system, rotary die head, bubble controller, corona treater, embossing roller, automatic winder, double winder, EPC, tension controller
Delivery Time 60~120 days
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas