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Recycling machine designed for processing up to 95% printed surface material

1. Filter re-positioning: before degassing.

2. Triple degassing.

In addition to the double degassing in the first extruder, the venting area (the connection between the first and second extruder) serves as a third degassing section to further remove the ink and extra humidity level from the material.


3. 10% less power consumption; 20% higher output; 100% pellets re-usability.

Improved cutter-compactor for faster and more stable feeding.


4. Non-Stop dual channel piston filtration system

  • Filter with dual channel system for non-stop operation and reduces machine down time


5. Automation Die face pelletizing technology for uniform pellets producing

  • Produces high quality plastic pellets for reprocessing

6. Intelligent pressure detection and alarm control system

7. Elegant industrial design

8. Polystar Machinery is able to customize each section of machinery regarding to customer's need.

  • Shape: Packaging Film, bags, sheet, net, foam, tapes, PP Woven/ Raffia, Plastic, Regrind, flakes, granules, scraps, edge trimmed, wash film flakes

Foam roll

Foam sheet

Food container

Net, cover

Waste films

printed film rolls

Printed waste bags

Waste films

Printed Shrink Film

Garbage bag

Agricultural film

Humid Construction

Printed Multilayer film

Printed Bubble film

BOPP film

HDPE/PP Fabric

PE/PP printed film rolls

Humid prewashed flakes

Printed Food packaging

Humid Swimming pool covers

  • 100% pellets re-usability right back into your production line
  • Minimal material degradation without property change
  • Reducing production cost by reprocessing your own industrial waste

1. Feeding

  • With a belt conveyor: feeding of scraps is easy and automatically.

1. Feeding

  • With nip roll: film-on-rolls can be fed at the same time.

2. Cutting and Compacting

  • Cut with rotary knives and direct feeding to extruder.

3. Double degassing

  • Able to process both printed and non-printed material

4. Two-channel filtration

  • Filter with dual channel system
  • For non-stop operation and reduces machine down time

Model Name Repro-Print
Final Product Plastic pellets/granule
Machine Components Conveyor belt, cutter compactor shredder, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling
unit, drying unit, silo tank
Recycling Material HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE PP, BOPP
Output range 100~ 1200 kgs/hr
Feeding Conveyor belt
Screw Diameter 65~180mm (customized)
Screw L/D 30/1,32/1,34/1,36/1 (customized)
Screw Material SACM-465
Degassing Double vented or triple degassing (customized)
Cutting Type Hot die face pelletizing
Cooling Water cooled
Voltage Customized
Optional Devices Metal detector(S+S) , Nip roller for film roll feeding , Additive feeder for masterbatch
Delivery Time 75~120 days
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

80~100 kgs/hr

Screw diameter: 65mm


120~200 kgs/hr

Screw diameter: 85mm


200~300 kgs/hr

Screw diameter: 100mm


300~450 kgs/hr

Screw diameter: 120mm


450~700 kgs/hr

Screw diameter: 150mm


700~900 kgs/hr

Screw diameter: 165mm


900~1100 kgs/hr

Screw diameter: 180mm

Polystar continues serving the Russian market

Post-consumer recycling is growing in Russia and Polystar has been supplying to this market since 2012

Post-consumer recycling requires several processing steps such as sorting (material separation), size reduction, washing, drying and pelletizing in order to achieve good quality recycled pellets as the end product. 

Good degassing and filtration are probably the most important processes in pelletizing machines when it comes to post-consumer recycling. In many occasions, a two-stage recycling pelletizing machine is preferred by professional recyclers who focus on post-consumer recycling.

The washed material is fed into the compactor for a quick densifying process (which at the same time further dries the material by natural heat and friction); this helps to stabilize the material feeding into the extruder. The material then goes into the first (main) extruder for the filtration process and a two-vented degassing (installed with high efficiency vacuum system). The material then passes through an open area for the third and final degassing, and enters the second stage (short) extruder where the second filtering process is done. 

The two-stage pelletizing line significantly improves the quality of the recycled pellets as the washed material goes through two filtration and three degassing steps in both extruders combined. As a result, the final pelletizing process becomes more stable and easier to operate because the material is already well prepared and pre-conditioned.

A post-consumer recycler located in Belgorod, Russia who is dedicated in the recycling of municipal waste has a complete set up: The automatic sorting lines initially separate paper, glass, metal and plastic. The plastics are then separated by groups: PET bottles; films of HDPE and LDPE; and rigid plastic and followed by two washing lines - one for PET bottle and another for plastic films. After washing and drying the process is completed in the POLYSTAR pelletizing recycling machine. The recycled pellets are mainly used for producing plastic boxes for vegetables.
To date, in Russia 68 sets of Polystar plastic pelletizing machines have been installed since 2012. Of these machines, 45 lines are dedicated specially for post-consumer recycling.  

Source:Plastics News Asia

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