Two-Layer PE Tube Extruder & Cutting Machine EDC-08-02

Classification : Extruder
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-22994281
Fax: 886-2-22994284
Contact Person: Mr. Angus Wu
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  • Two-layer extrusion tube can reduce material cost. (using: Pearl + PE/PE + Pigment)
  • The temperature controllers of different materials can be controlled individually. In this way, we can find out the best running condition on the materials both in running fluency and dissolubility.
  • The surface of co-extrusion tubes made by two-layer machine is more glossy than the surface of mono-layer tubes.
  • Using the same material on two-layer same material on two-layer co-extrusion can increase the water-resistance and anti-penetration of the materials for about 20~30%. (using: PE + Pigment. inner: recycled material.)

  • Screw dia (inner): Ø45 mm. 15 HP

    Screw dia (outer): Ø40 mm. 10 HP

    Screw L/D ratio (inner): 33/1

    Screw L/D ratio (outer): 32/1

    Screw type: full flight

    Water consumption: ice water: 120 L/min. 5 ~ 10 °C

    Air consumption: 10 L/min

    Power consumption: 66 kw

    Extrusion linear speed:
    Medium speed: 10 m/min (Ø35 mm) (EDC-08-02)
    High speed: 20 m/min (Ø35 mm) (EDC-16-02)

    Cutting speed: 100 pcs/min

    Tube dia range: Ø16 ~ 60 mm

    Machine size: 8000 x 3500 x 2000 mm

    Total net weight: approx. 3240 kg

    Cutter PLC: Delta

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