PP Woven Bag Automatic Cutting-Sewing Machine CS-2002/1-4 colors

Classification : Fully Automatic Conversion Line
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-5916970
Fax: 886-5-5916968
Contact Person: Frank Liu
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  • Zigzag Type High Quality Alloy Steel Cutter
  • Double-Fold sewing Guide Device
  • Cold Cutting System (for laminated bag)
  • Mark reading sensor (for pre-printed fabric roll)
  • In-Line Gusset Device
  • Perforation Needle Roller

• Diameter of Unwinding Cloth 1400 mm Maximum Applicable
• Width of Unwinding Cloth 300-850 mm Applicable
• Cutting Length 500-1400 mm Adjustable
• Production Output 32-45 bags / minte
• Sewing Unit New Long DKN-3BP (4500 rpm)
• Length Accuracy Within ±1 mm Range
• Cutting Knife High Quality Alloy Steel Cutter With Tubular Heater

Display Screen Operation Panel

Sewing Thread Broken Sensor

Gripper for gab 90 Transfer

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