Sustainable Innovation of Blown Film Machine | KUNG HSING


Video Description

The latest innovation of Three Layer Blown Film Machine is featured with 3 in 1 Gap Winder that combines Surface Type, Contact Drive Type and Gap Winding.

We are pleased to invite Kung Hsing Machinery to share the insight of the Blow Film Industry with us, which includes application, ESG and the effect of geopolitic to the economy.



【Product Features】

● Five layers co-extrusion blown film line

● Φ300 mm Die : Production output 600 kg / hr

● Gain in weight gravimetric dosing unit ( Italy made)

● Profile measurement & auto thickness control (Auto Air Ring-Height Adjustable, High Efficiency Cooling and High Output Rate, Germany made)

● IBC computer control system (U.S.A Made)

● Horizontal oscillating take-up unit

● 3 in 1 Gap winder ( Surface type, Contact Drive Type and Gap Winding)


【Video Outline】

0:00 Welcome to K 2022

0:24 Introduction of Kung Hsing Machinery

0:53 Highlights of Kung Hsing at K 2022 

1:54 Applications of KS Blown Film Machines

2:34 Upgrade of Three Layer Blown Film Machine

5:38 Strategy and Implementation to ESG

6:51 Customer Oriented Service

7:54 Advantages of Taiwanese Supply Chain

8:54 Occurrences affect Global Market

10:04 Development Trends of KS Blown Film Machine

11:07 More information on PRM B2