Total Solution For In Mold Decoration Technology

Classification : Vertical Injection Molding Machine
Country: Taiwan
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• Total Solution For In Mold Decoration Technology.

• Environment-friendly plastic decoration process - IMD/FIM/IML. (In-Mold Decoration / Film Insert Molding / In-Mold Labeling)

• Product: Housing/casing of mobile phone, mp3/mp4, GPS, Lab-Tab Computer, 3D Labeling of Electric Goods;Automotive Dashboard Meters, Controllers, and Interior Decorative Items; the fancy colored Plastic Body Parts of Motorbike,...etc.

• Energy saving at least 70% compared to others in the same spec.

• Reduce the heat caused by the machine and cooling water consumption.

• High speed and precise control reduce the defection.

• Protect the environment and cost down by green-designed machine.

• Close-loop high speed and low pressure especially designed for IMF, IML product, No jetting, protest the paint, flat surface, less defection.

• Vertical upword clamping and down word injection, lower mold slide out, easy to fix the film in the mold and safely insert and take out.