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We offer plastic recycle machine is specially designed for reproducing wastage from PP/HDPE woven bags and BOPP film. Recycling equipment cut plastic materials into smaller sizes in order to allow further processing, and provides easier packaging, transportation, and distribution of recycled stock.

Model Screw Conveyor Maim Extruder
Power Power L/D Ratio Main Power Temp. Control Heating Capacity Hyd. Power of Die-exchang Power of Enforcing Hopper Production Capacity
Hy7/SM-90SP 3 HP Ø8"x3.2m 28:1 30HP AC 5 zones 25 KW 3 HP 5 HP 80-120 kg/hr
Hy7/SM-100SP 3 HP Ø8"x3.2m 28:1 30HP AC 6 zones 30 KW 3 HP 5 HP 120-160 kg/hr
Hy7/SM-120SP 3 HP Ø8"x3.2m 28:1 30HP AC 7 zones 40 KW 3 HP 7.5 HP 220-250 kg/hr


Model Sub-extruder Cooling Tunnel Pellet Cutter Blower Storage Barrel
L/D Ratio Power Heating Capacity Size Power Power Capacity
Hy7/SM-100SP 1:8 VS 15HP 20 KW 8'x1.2x1' 3 HP 3 HP 1000 L
Hy7/SM-120SP 1:8 VS 15HP 15 KW 10'x1.2x1.1' 3 HP 5 HP 1000 L

The above specifications and dimensions are for referencing purpose only. These figures are subject to change without prior notice.