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With Hao Yu HY7-m6SCL six shuttles circular loom, you can realize optimum cost-effective operations. The machine is designed with 6 shuttles to perform tubular weaving at high speed up to 180 RPM which is the highest technology in this woven bag equipment field in Asia. It reaches outputs up to 140 meters per hour.
In case warp and weft breaks (finished), the machine stops automatically, An auto compensation system is also equipped to prevent the machine from empty weaving, it is an advanced circular loom specially designed to meet the stringent productivity requirements of today.
The circular looms equipped with European inverter and high quality component.

We are applying patent in Taiwan, China, India, and other countries.

  • Low spare part consumption & easy maintenance
  • Energy saving nearly 50% over conventional models
  • Large weft yarn insertion capacity up to 1080 PPM(max)
  • Flat yarn applicable weaving denier from 500-1200(standard)
  • Large weft yarn carriage capacity up to 115mm(max)
  • Equipped with European inverter for main motor
  • Lubrication-free for shuttle & cam

Optional Accessories

  • Gusseting device.
  • Both sides heat slitting device and additional fabric winder.
  • Center unfold device with heat slitting device and extra large unwinder for cement bag industry.

Model Unit HY7-m6SCLL HY7-m6SCL1
Revolutions r.p.m. Up to 180 Up to 130
Working range cm 35-80 80-130
Shuttles pcs 6 6
Warp (standard) pcs 600/720 1008/1152
Weaving density pick/inch 8-14 applicable 8-14 applicable
Max. weft diameter mm ø115 ø115
Drive motor HP 5 5
Winder motor HP 10 10
Layout M 10.8×2.5×2.9 11×2.8×2.8
Weight kg 1800 2500
Bobbin size As per customer requirement 

Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.