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Air bubble hollow profile sheet is 100% PP sheet, the weight range could be from 250 GSM to 3000 GSM, thickness range could be from 2MM above, and products width could be 1000MM to 2000MM. It can be in-line laminated with textile, carpet…etc. and flat surface for printing directly. The honey-comb structure panel is extremely rigid and amazingly lightweight, the application can be False Ceiling, Wall Panel, Door Panel / Partition, wood protector, floor protector, wall facing board, packaging, printing, automotive interiors.

Successful air bubble hollow profile sheet machine installed countries: Japan, China





PP, (Additive)

Sheet Weight

250~3000 GSM

Product Width

1000~2000 MM

Machine Speed

10 M / MIN

Optional Accessories

Unwinder, Forming Roller

Production Type

Mono Layer

Multilayer Co-extrusion

YSW-FS machine for making air bubble hollow profile sheet, not regular straight wall type hollow profile, Especially in packaging field, automobile field and construction material field.

  • Automotive:box multiway, separator layers, inner covering.
  • Construction:false ceiling, wall panel, door panel/partition, floor protector.
  • Glass Mills:box multiway, separator layers.
  • Steel Mills:separator layers.
  • Consmetic/Pharma:inner box, separator layers.
  • Logistic:box multiway, layers, cases inner covering.
  • Food/Beverage:box multiway, separator layers.