Classification : Bag Making
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-5933-566
Fax: 886-6-5933-567
Contact Person: Mr. Liang
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  • Suitable for LDPE, PP OPP CPP and BOPP.
  • This machine designed to improve the traditional bag collecting processing which require one operator to control one machine. This machine allows one operator to control several machines with automated process from collector to box packaging; to improve performance and decrease cost.
  • Servo driven is fast and precise.
  • Servo motor cutting Control System.
  • The unit uses PLC Control System.
Main Unit
Micro-computerized HCI  
2.0kw Japan Made Servo Motor  
Maximum Cutting Width 520mm
Maximum Cutting Length 450mm
Thickness 0.04-0.2mm
Output 30~230pc/min (Varies on Film Thickness, Bag Width, zipper Profile)
Main Motor  Siemens 1.5Kw
Inverter  Delta B7 Made in Taiwan
Photo Cell German Made x 1
Precision Copper Knife 1 Set
Silicon Carpet Heat Sealing  
Cooling Pressing Plat  
Heat Capacity 1.4 KW
Packaging Roller Unit
Touch Screen Digitalized Controlling System
Rotational Clamp Positioning System 1 Set
Magnetic Switch Controlling System  
Cylinder 4 Set
Unit Frame 1 Set
Winder Motor 5GN-15K 51K60Gn-S
Tying Machine
Maximum Package Height 20cm(8")
Table Size 40cm x 65cm
Packaging Size Minumum 2.5cm(1") Diameter
  No width or length restrictions
Speed 40~50 Cycles/minute
Selective Equipment
Perforating Knife Gusseting Unit Varies Hole Punch Unit CE Self Declaration Modification

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