LDPE Zipper Blown Film Machine With Rotogravure In Line Printing Machine (AEZ-45/55+ARP800i)

Classification : Zipper Extrusion
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-5933-566
Fax: 886-6-5933-567
Contact Person: Mr. Liang
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Model AEZ-45 AEZ-55
Applicable Material LDPE
Film Width 60~300mm 200~500mm
Screw Diameter φ45mm φ55mm
Screw L/D 30:01:00 30:01:00
Screw/Barrel Material Japan Made SACM-645
JS1 Gearbox 1 SET
Heater Capacity 8 kw 10 kw
Auto Thermo Control 5 ZONE 6 ZONE
Barrel Cooling System 1/4HP ×2
Main Driving Motor 15 HP+Inverter 20 HP+Inverter
Two Layer Air Ring Aluminum Alloy 1 SET
Extrusion Speed 8~15M/MIN 8~15M/MIN
Air Blower with Inverter 2 HP+Inverter
Joint Unit 1 SET
Rubber Roll Width 400 mm 600 mm
First Pinch Roll 1/2HP GEAR
Second Pinch Roll 1/2HP GEAR
Double Winder DC 1HP ×2
Machine Dimension 5.6×1.8×4 M 5.8×2×4.8 M
Selective Equipment Varies Die
Selective Equipment AEZ25 mm Extruder
※NOTE: All are subject to change without notice. specifications and design characteristics shown in this catalogue