Classification : Bag Making
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-5933-566
Fax: 886-6-5933-567
Contact Person: Mr. Liang
Model TS-400 TS-500 TS-600
Max Cutting Width 320mm max 420mm max 520mm max
Max Cutting Length 350mm max 400mm max 450mm max
Film Thickness 0.04~0.2 mm
Bag Making Speed 30~230pcs/min
HCI Touchscreen Panel 1 set
Driving Motor 1.5 kw
Charge Servo Motor 2.0 kw
Photo Cell SICK KT6W(German Made)x1 set
DC Infeed Motor DC 0.19 kw
DC Outfeed Motor DC 0.1 kw
Heater Capacity 4.5 kw 5.0 kw 5.5 kw
Machine Dimensions 3.2×1×1.7M 3.2×1.1×1.7M 3.2×1.2×1.7M
Machine Weight 1200 kg 1250 kg 1300 kg

※NOTE: All are subject to change without notice. specifications and design characteristics shown in this catalogue