Shrink Label Glue Sealing Machine (Sleeve Seaming Machine)-FK Series

Classification : PVC Shrink Label Making Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2359-0632
Fax: 886-4-2359-0710
Contact Person: Mr. Alan Ho
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  • Unwinding Section
    • Swing out & floating type unwind stand with 3" air shaft. Single operator is required to manipulate and load the parent roll.
    • Equipped with magnetic powder brake for unwind tension control.
    • Main drive AC motor provides variable speeds to accommodate a variety of materials.
  • Glue Sealing Section
    • Equipped with glue feeding adj. magnet valve and flow quantity regulator.
    • The accurate width is achieved by using the shrink label forming plate.
    • Equipped with blower for drying the solvent faster also increasing the production speed.
  • Rewinding Section
    • Rewind TQ motor provides the stable winding tension.
    • Cantilevered five-claw coreless winder provides the fastest roll changeover.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Mechanical speed up to 200 m/min
    • Web guiding system. (Edge)
    • Glue Sealing flow quantity auto control device.
    • Vertical continuous perforation device.
    • 3"HCI quick lock winding shaft.
    • Rewind oscillation device.
Specifications FK-250(PVC Shrink Label) FK-350(PVC Shrink Label)
Material Width [mm] 60 - 520 120 - 720
Material Dia. [mm] [max.] 450 450
Unwind Inner Dia. [mm] 76 / 3" 76 / 3"
Tube Width [mm] 25 - 250 50 - 350
Rewind Dia. [mm] [max.] 700 700
Rewind Core Inner Dia. [mm] 300mm Five-claw coreless 300mm Five-claw coreless
Mechanical Speed [m/min.] 0-100 (200 Optional) 0-100 (200 Optional)

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