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Advanced strand pelletizer for most plastic materials
The strand pelletizer consists of a die, water-cooling chamber and pelletizer. Plastic materials are melted and discharged through the die in cylindrical shapes. Operating personnel then guide the cylindrical plastic materials into the water chamber for cooling, then into the pelletizer for the pelletizing process.Suitable for the modification and granulation of thermoplastic filling. Its simple structure, operation & maintenance convenience, as well as low production cost, makes it the go-to production process for most plastic materials. Suitable for most plastic materials. 

Specialize in manufacturing of the plastic strand pelletizing system
PARTICO can solve most of your problems in plastic recycling pelletizer or granulator. We attach importance to the three major structural parts in the plastic strand pelletizer system to maintain each process of pelletizing operations. From the thermoplastic materials are discharged from the die head, and then formed into a round strip shape that is easy to handle, and then the operator introduce them into the water tank for cooling, and finally cut by the pelletizer device. PARTICO can ensure all the pelletizing process to produce excellent raw materials smoothly. Low energy consumption production process, stable output operation efficiency, consistent quality plastic particles, PARTICO is your best solution for strand pelletizing machine and granulating system.

PARTECO plastic granulating machine is applicable to most of plastic materials

In order to be compatible with most of the plastic recycling machine and plastic granulator machine series production line in the industry, we work hard to develop the strand pelletizer systems that can handle most of the mainstream types of plastic materials. This plastic strand pelletizing machine designed, produced and manufactured by PARTICO in Taiwan can be applied to most types of plastic materials in the industry, such as PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PS, PA, BOPP, ABS, etc. Mainstream plastic materials

Suitable for most plastic materials.