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Structure and function of our plastic water ring pelletizer system and machine
One of the popular plastic recycling machines belongs to the granulating system category, the plastic water ring pelletizing machine line system consists of a die, water circulation room, pelletizer, flushing channel, centrifugal hydroextractor and a circulating water-cooling system.Plastic raw materials are melted and discharged through the extruder, then discharged through the die. During discharge, plastic materials are cut by high-speed rotating blades and the plastic pellets are shaken off; after which the pellets are cooled and carried off by circulating water film to the water circulation room. Using this flushing channel of the water ring pelletizing system to transport plastic pellets to the centrifugal extractor can not only prevent adhesion of the plastic pellets but also acts as a cooling process. The plastic pellets are generally round-flat, cylindrical or ball shaped.

Features and advantages of our plastic water ring pelletizing machine line
The unique features of this water ring pelletizing line system include: The die surface does not make direct contact with water, low costs from die and blade wear, as well as producing pellets of consistent sizes and shapes after passing through the water circulation (die surface) pelletizer. With smarter industrial design concepts on our water ring pelletizing machine for extrusion line, we can achieve low production cost control and high quality management at the same time.

Applicable plastic materials of our plastic granulating series system and machine
It is currently mainly used for plastic materials such as LDPE, HDPE, PP etc. In order to help more manufacturers to reduce production costs and improve quality management, this plastic water ring pelletizing line set on the applicable plastic materials, mainly based on common plastic materials. If you have other special granulation requirements, please write to us to discuss