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PVC Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Suitable for:PVC compound, rigid PVC, rigid waste recycle
Soft PVC:DOP40%~100%Details


Category : Mixers and Blenders

Pellets Blending for Rubber, Plastic & Chemical Industries

For Pellets blendingDetails

Pellets Blenders

Category : Mixers and Blenders

Stabilize The Pellet Quality
The screw transports the pellets to the upper opening then release the pellets back to the mixing zone to form a circulating flow. The pellet’s color and chemica...Details

Pelletizing & Recycling System

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

For PP, HDPE and LLDPE recycling.Details


Category : Granulators

Advanced strand pelletizer for most plastic materials.
Specialize in manufacturing of the plastic strand pelletizing system.
PARTECO plastic granulating machine is applicable to most ...Details


Category :

Each blown film machine is equipped with an electronic length counter and an accumulated time meter. In addition, all main output shafts are precision ground for exceptional stability and quiet ope...Details

HF-FTO 3 In 1 Series:3 in 1 Pelletizing Extrusion / Extruder Pelletizer

Category : Granulators

Produced by experienced plastic recycling extruder machine manufacturer.
Suitable for handling differences of materials.
Suitable for processing most of the thermoplastic materials.Details

Powerful Crusher

Category : Plastic Crushers

Easily maintenance with hydraulic opening body for cleaning residue and changingthe blades.
Includes stable energy current system that helps you save energy and with special design on the ro...Details


Category : Plastic Crushers


Mighty Crusher (YBC)

Category : Plastic Crushers

Our crushers are applied to all types of plastic, rubber, resin, and other materials.

Large feed inlet can break most kinds of plastic or rubber scrap and waste material easily, bul...Details

Instant Crusher (YBCS)

Category : Plastic Crushers

An instant recycling system can help you to cost down by recycling the sprues, waste material or defective products. YANN BANG Instant Crusher is also good to granulate long and thick material. Details

Single Shaft Shredder (Kroko Series)

Category : Shredders

Cost Effective Precision
Installed with STM gearbox made from Italy. Ensure the best effective precision and the higher torque density.

High radial loads with high efficiency ...Details

Vertical Mixer CL-MM

Category : Mixers and Blenders

Vertical Mixer
Used for mixing dye, chemical raw materials, car brake material, for diffusing fiber glass, ferrite, cement with sand and dye, and for mixing stabilizer and metallurgic powder...Details

Dyeing and Pelletizing Plant Color Testing

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

• Model: TY-DB Series
• Country of Origin: Taiwan
• Applicable resin: PP, PE, ABS, PS.
• Specific resin: PC, PET, ACRYLIC, NYLON.
• Capacity: 3-10 kg/hrDetails

Eco-Friendly Plastics Recycling Extruder Series Water Cooling 

Category :

• Model: TY-LW Series
• Country of Origin: Taiwan
• Applicable resin: PP, PE, ABS, PS, HIPS.
• Specific resin: POM, PC, ACRYLICDetails

CL-MP Agglomerator

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

This agglomerator is made by Chyau Long to meet various user's needs. Which with the advantages of excellent efficiency and quality, perfect working performance and resemblance.Details

Fully Automatic Mixing、Weighing & Conveying System

Category : Mixers and Blenders

Fully Automatic Mixing、Weighing & Conveying SystemDetails