Plastic Recycling & Material Processing Machinery

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Continous Belt Screen Changer - TEN

Category : Material Processing Machines

TEN is FIMIC’s automatic screen changer capable of blocking even the smallest contamination particles thanks to its mesh, whose resistance allows to adapt the temperature according to the requireme...Details

Hopper Feeding Recycling Machine: TR-V

Category : Granulators

● The Perfect Solution for recycling plastic films waste/ regrind/ granules 
● Crusher and conveyor can be added and combined into a complete recycling line Details

Automatic Strand Pelletizing System

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Born For Extreme Automation
The molten polymer been extruder from the die, fall into automatic water flow. High-pressure water flow from a special designed spray nozzle pulls the strands imm...Details

Feeder-Ruder Pellet Making Extruder

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Extrusion & Pelletizing for Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries

This new model Feeder-Ruder Pellet Making Extruder usage for extruding and pellet making after Plastic or Rubber com...Details


Category : Mixers and Blenders

Pellets Blending for Rubber, Plastic & Chemical Industries

For Pellets blendingDetails

Low-Speed Crushing Machine - C-S210 / 260 / 310 / 420 SB

Category : Plastic Crushers

● Slanted tooth rotary cutter for increased cutting power 

● Produces little powder and low noise. 

● Suitable for materials with high fiber content.Details

GRANULATING SYSTEM: Water Ring Pelletizer System

Category : Granulators

Structure and function of our plastic water ring pelletizer system and machine.
Features and advantages of our plastic water ring pelletizing machine line.
Applicable plastic material...Details

Three In One Cooling Pelletizing Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Three In One Cooling Pelletizing MachineDetails

Instant Crusher (YBCS)

Category : Plastic Crushers

An instant recycling system can help you to cost down by recycling the sprues, waste material or defective products. YANN BANG Instant Crusher is also good to granulate long and thick material. Details

Film Extrusion Molding Machine Auxiliary Solutions

Category : Cooling Equipment / Industrial Chillers

‧ Lower cost
‧ Greater productivity
‧ Better energy efficiency
‧ Better company image
‧ Better working environment
‧ Less material waste and pollution during the ...Details

Side Entrance Two Stages Spaghetti Cutting Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Big material storage barrel sustains stability during material input.
User-friendly machine enables to reach high productivity standards.
Feeding production is more stable than tradit...Details

Sieving Machine

Category : Classifiers and Dedusting Systems

Sieving MachineDetails

Gravimetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System (ADMG)

Category : Mixers and Blenders

COST SAVE: ADMG can measure powder resin, granule resin, master-batch, or additive precisely.

EASY OPERATE: By entering the percentage of each batch and supply value to operate effe...Details

Side Entrance One Stage Die Face Type Recycling Machine

Category :

User-friendly machine enables to reach high productivity standards.
Product below 7% moisture is suitable for extruding.
Applicable to lightweight materials.
Crusher is optiona...Details


Category :

Each blown film machine is equipped with an electronic length counter and an accumulated time meter. In addition, all main output shafts are precision ground for exceptional stability and quiet ope...Details

Single Screw Rubbing Drying Machine

Category : Plastic Washing Line

With a powerful special designed single screw, it is capable to squeeze wet material.
Output Capacity: 500 ~ 1000 kg/hr (different material different output capacity).
Can be put into...Details

FILTERING SYSTEM: Double pistons

Category :

Non-stop screen-changer system to keep the production operate while replacing the filter plate.

With 4 removable-honeycombed plate to increase the leached area and efficiency.Details

HF-FTO 3 In 1 Series:3 in 1 Pelletizing Extrusion / Extruder Pelletizer

Category : Granulators

Produced by experienced plastic recycling extruder machine manufacturer.
Suitable for handling differences of materials.
Suitable for processing most of the thermoplastic materials.Details

Inline Edge-Trim Recycler (JC-ECOTRIM Series)

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

JC-EcoTrim Series - Inline Edge Trim Pelletizing Unit was introduced on the basis to the subject of “Green Eco-Friendly” awareness to the film production industry. The unit cleverly integrated adva...Details