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Optimized Blown Film Technology: Keys to Sustainable Packaging


Eco-friendly packaging is a necessity more than a trend, for both environmental and economic sustainability today. As one of the main carriers of packaging film production, blown film extrusion technology must keep evolving to meet the market requirements.

POLYSTAR's blown film extruders are designed to be operationally stable and easy to use. Additionally, by optimizing extrusion screws and die heads, our machines empower manufacturers to adopt sustainable materials like recycled pellets, and CaCo3.  Let’s take a closer look into how POLYSTAR develops its blown film extrusion machine technology to better contribute to eco-friendly packaging!


Stable operation saves material and reduces wastes

Whether monolayer extruders or co-extrusion machines, POLYSTAR blown film machines have gained the fame of stable operation among our customers in more than 110 countries. We witness our customers producing films for their specific product requirements smoothly due to the precision in the screw and die head designs; carefully testing parameters like temperature, heating/cooling rates, film width, thickness, and tension. This operation stability not only saves from defective scraps but also saves energy and labor hours.


blown film extruder machine produce eco-friendly packaging

( POLYSTAR machines are strictly tested before shipping to customers )


Moreover, the simple design of the blown film extruders makes the production process easier for the operators. Hence, the operators can manage multiple POLYSTAR-blown film extruders simultaneously.


Material optimization keeps you sustainable and profitable

PE derivatives are often used in blown film extrusion. These materials are highly recyclable and producers often blend PE, HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE with each other as well as with the bioplastics, CaCO3, recycled plastics, and color or filler masterbatches.

POLYSTAR designs its screws for excellent blending and melting performance for these various tasks of film producers. As a result, the producers will be more flexible to optimize the materials desired and use more recycled plastics, while they will be less dependent on virgin polymers.


recycled material, virgin materil, and CaCO3 are used in POLYSTAR blown film machine

( Optimal screw design for a variety of materials )


In terms of material saving and reducing carbon footprint, many POLYSTAR customers are upgrading their mono-layer blown film machines to ABA three layer blown film machines. The most prominent advantage of an ABA film extruder is the ability to use more recycled plastics and CaCO3 in the mid-layer (B) while having a smooth surface on the outer layers (A). Producers can manufacture more eco-friendly, 3-layer strong films with only two extruders.


ABA blown film extruder for eco-friendly packaging

( ABA extruder is an eco-blown film machine that allows more recycled material use )


Production flexibility with custom-made machines reduces carbon footprint

Before deciding to purchase a blown film machine, it can be advantageous for you to contact our sales specialists, to get suggestions on what types of machines are more feasible for your production. Because POLYSTAR focuses on highly customizable blown film extruders to save you energy, space, and material.

For instance, twin-head blown film extruders produce two different widths & thicknesses of film rolls at the same time on different winders, while using only one extruder. The optimal width interval of the machine allows it to cover most of the plastic bag applications in the market including t-shirt bags, garbage bags, flat shopping bags, bags on rolls, etc.



In conclusion, blown film extrusion machines are vital players in the production of eco-friendly packaging products. An advanced yet simple-designed blown film extruder can optimize the usage of plastic polymers, reduce waste, and conserve resources. Thus, it can minimize the environmental impact while maintaining productivity. This is the main philosophy of POLYSTAR while manufacturing its machines.


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