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Daisaku Co., Ltd. and POLYSTAR Collaborate to Lead Japan's Plastic Waste Recycling Industry

HDPE LDPE plastic packaging recycling line in Japan


DAISAKU CO., LTD, located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, is a leading enterprise in the plastic waste recycling industry. We have been collaborating with POLYSTAR since 2019 to enhance our plastic recycling business. Our partnership with POLYSTAR includes the purchase of their Repro-Flex 150 recycling machine to process various HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE packaging film/bale film/shrink film waste. The machine is highly efficient and can convert plastic waste into uniform-sized and high-quality recycled pellets. With a production capacity of up to 700 kg/hr, we have successfully sold these recycled pellets with excellent quality to both domestic and overseas markets. Our company's reputation and supply quality have enabled us to sell our products in more than 20 overseas markets.


Investing in sustainable future: Daisaku Co., Ltd. expands plastic recycling projects with POLYSTAR

Post-industrial waste plastic recycling system for bale films in Japan

In-house plastic pelletier in Japan


Based on market demand and economic scale expansion, we have procured another recycling machine, POLYSTAR Repro-Flex 120, in 2021. With this machine, we can recycle various PE industrial packaging films/plastic bags, as well as invest in CPP/BOPP/PP film recycling projects. The optimized pelletizing die design and patented automatic pelletizing system technology of POLYSTAR support us in producing stable and uniform PP recycled pellets. The production capacity can reach 500 kg/hr, and the applications include PP woven bags, FIBC jumbo bags, injection molding products, extrusion molding products, plastic compounding, and properties modification projects, among others.


The power of partnership: how POLYSTAR's recycling machine helps Daisaku Co., Ltd. achieve commercial success

Simple operational plastic recycling system in Japan


President Kobayashi, the representative director of Daisaku Trading Co., Ltd., commends POLYSTAR’s recycling machine for its simple yet powerful system design. The machine is easy to install and helps operators get started quickly, which reduces the learning curve and accelerates mass production to acquire commercial profit.

This core value is the main key to the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between our enterprises. POLYSTAR is also quick to respond and support customers' periodic spare parts supply needs and regularly conducts technical consultation and communication with customers. They also visit customers' factories for regular inspection, maintenance of machines, and optimal adjustment of operating parameters, among others. We look forward to maintaining a sustainable cooperative relationship with POLYSTAR.


The key to optimal operation: president kobayashi shares insights on POLYSTAR's highly flexible recycling machin


President Kobayashi points out that the key to the operation of the recycling machine lies in the optimal balance of various operating temperatures, pressure, speed, and loading values. POLYSTAR’s recycling machine has excellent operational flexibility and fast response time, making it suitable for different materials. The production changeover time is short, effectively reducing the loss of electricity and materials during refueling production. The machine has a high degree of compatibility and integration with the optional equipment, allowing for more diversified processing of the types, shapes, and states of materials.




Under the development trend of environmental protection and green energy carbon reduction, advocated by the EU, Japan, and the US, the demand and development of the plastic recycling industry are showing a positive upward trend. By 2025, the European Union has legislated that all plastic product manufacturers must add at least 30% of recycled particles to their production line for effective recycling, production, and recycling processes. This reflects the new value of the circular economy, increases the plastic waste recycle utilization rate, reduces environmental pollution, and implements corporate social responsibility and ESG sustainable development. Through our long-term cooperation with POLYSTAR, we aim to promote environmental greening and reduce global warming. We want to reduce the amount of garbage on the ground, increase the clean air, and work together for the green environment and health of future generations.