Auxiliary Equipment and Integrated Automation

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Crusher (Gepard Series)

Category : Plastic Crushers

Extremely customizable capabilities
Genius provides customizable design for different materials. Equipped numerous types of the optionally input and output system to achieve different demand...Details

Belt Conveyors

Category : Conveyors

Protection of Your Machine
The belt conveyor allows to installing a metal detector on it. With the metal detector, it prevent any metal been feed into the pelletizing system. Protecting the ...Details

Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller - TC5100

Category : Control Equipment

Adjustable user perspective: 110°~145°
Rack type cabinet design
USB port
NAND Flash 8M +128M
Module section 15A 2 zone / 30A 1 zone
The mo...Details

Dynisco Echo™ Melt Pressure Sensors

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Trusted for quality, reliability, and accurate performance at an affordable price, Echo melt pressure sensors are the perfect choice for less demanding applications. With stainless-steel wetted par...Details


Category : Foaming Machinery

The Structure Of Press Body Is Made By Special Steel Shaped Materials That Features Pressure-Resistant Function To Maintain A Permanent Plane, With Its Integrated Shaping Of Punch And Slide To Full...Details

2 Shaft Auto Cutter

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:Double side adhesive tape, Paper core, PVC, Rubber, leather, foam… etc. roll tube

Twin Shaft Shredder

Category : Shredders

Design especially for bulky plastic products. Eliminate the disadvantage of traditional high horse power crusher. Also for cracking unusual objects, waste tyres, logs, sleepers, etc.
High ca...Details

Fully Automatic PE Stretch / Cling Film Rewinding Machine

Category : Film and Filament Stretching Lines

Designed to rewind small rolls from jumbo rolls
RW-1 for rewinding fixed width film 300mm, fully automatic feed paper core, rewind, cut & change paper core.
RW-2 for rewinding width f...Details

3-axis single screw extruded gear box

Category : Gearboxes

Gearbox for extruder
Gear box
Gear box extruder
Extruder for gearbox
Extruder for gear box
The gearbox is a speed reducer used for speed change or the gearbox is ...Details

Central Material Conveying System

Category : Conveyors

Central Material Conveying System
A central conveying system can control 30 sets of molding machines at the same time and return on your investment in 2-3 years.
1. Better company ima...Details

High Precision Die Cutting Machine (Full Electrical, One Sheet Feeding)

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:High precision die cutting machine (Full electrical, one sheet feeding)


Category : Hydraulic Punching Machines

Piecing SystemDetails

Cutting Piece Machine (YSW-CP)

Category : Cutting Machines

• This machine provides slitting and cutting functions.
• Finished product can be collected by row needs, and the operator simply needs to unload it.Details

Paper Core Cutting Machine/ Core Cutter-FPT

Category : Cutting Machines

-For paper core cutting operation, cutting length over 50mm to 1300mm.
-Simplified design, easy to operate and maintain.
-Movable cutter structure, the adjustment of cutting length is...Details

Sheet Cutting Machine For Solar Power and FPD Film

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:Film for Solar power and FPD industry such as EVA, TEDLAR, Backsheet, ITO, PET, MICRO, Lens, Copper Foil.

Remote Monitoring System

Category : Industrial Software

The monitor screen is the same as the IMM controller, which is more friendly for users.
Also it is easy to oversee the production status moment-to-moment through mobile devices such as cellp...Details

Film Extrusion Molding Machine Auxiliary Solutions

Category : Cooling Equipment / Industrial Chillers

‧ Lower cost
‧ Greater productivity
‧ Better energy efficiency
‧ Better company image
‧ Better working environment
‧ Less material waste and pollution during the ...Details

Knife-Cutting Bag Making Machine (GF-A812E-SV+C)

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications

600 mm

Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller - TC500

Category : Control Equipment

Wiring Friendly design
Easy swapping for individual module failures
Compact size, light weight, installed directly on the injection molding machine
Automatic ID recognition

Instant Crusher (YBCS)

Category : Plastic Crushers

An instant recycling system can help you to cost down by recycling the sprues, waste material or defective products. YANN BANG Instant Crusher is also good to granulate long and thick material. Details

Storage Mixers - SSM-U

Category : Mixers and Blenders

SSM-U is mainly used for mixing plastics such as raw materials, masterbatch and recycled materials. SSM-U can not be used dealing with plastic powder and all kinds of foods, chemicals, and inflamma...Details

Slant Mixer / Blender (YBVRM)

Category : Mixers and Blenders

Mixing quickly and evenly with motor overload protector and power safety device.

The mixing barrel can be tilted freely at the angle degrees for discharge and maintenance.Details

Oven Dryer (YBO)

Category : Dryers and Dehumidifiers For Plastic Materials

The Oven Dryer is a compact, convenient drying equipment which can dry more than one type of resin at the same. For plastics use, it can be used for annealing and product testing after molding. Details

Low-Speed Crushing Machine C-S210 / 260 / 310 / 420 SB

Category : Plastic Crushers

Low-Speed Crushing Machine C-S210 / 260 / 310 / 420 SBDetails