CHINAPLAS 2021 Plastics and Rubber Exhibition - Manufacturers Interview [GENOX]


On the last day of CHINAPLAS 2021, as everyone expected, there were not many visitors from abroad, but the domestic audience grew by 24%. Even so, the venue is still very lively and full of business opportunities. Although the pandemic has affected buyers from various countries to participate in the event, China has already accumulated a considerable amount of market demand, so this exhibition is equally hot. We invited GENOX Recycling Technology, an expert in China's solid waste recycling system, to accept an interview and share with us our views on participating in CHINAPLAS.


PRM Editor : Hello, Mr. Ling, please briefly introduce GENOX Recycling Technology to our readers.

Mr. Ling : Guangdong GENOX Recycling Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed core technologies, corresponding industrial systems and training support systems in multiple solid waste recycling fields. GENOX started to stagger in 2010. In the domestic solid waste recycling industry with low automation requirements, we have begun to invest in the design and manufacture of solid waste recycling equipment , and we will grow together with our customers and solve problems together.

Mr. Ling :Today, we have achieved a little bit and become experts in the domestic industry. GENOX originated from the term "GENERATING OXYGEN", using technological innovation as a means to "create oxygen" for the earth through environmental protection; at the same time, to show the world China's world-class technological power in the field of environmental protection, GENOX promised to prove the "Made in China trend" with practical actions "World" is not just a slogan.


PRM Editor : Mr. Ling, please share with you, what is the focus of the exhibition this time?

Mr. Ling : GENOX exhibited the most popular V600 shredder at home and abroad, a 2800-size single-shaft shredder , as well as crushers used in various scenes and dewatering machines commonly used in washing lines. In order to let customers see the physical and excellent processing quality of GENOX equipment at the exhibition site.

Mr. Ling : At the same time, it also showed some of the plastic recycling exhibits in cooperation with Exxon Mobil in the domestic large-scale recycling project, such as: after the agricultural film is recycled, it is crushed, washed and pelletized by the GENOX equipment, and then the heat shrinkage of the beverage packaging is reproduced and reused. In the film, the effect is close to that of the new material. This type of example allows the equipment application scene to be combined with the physical product, allowing customers to see the effect intuitively.


PRM Editor : The pandemic in China is slowing down. Does GENOX have a special goal this year?

Mr. Ling : GENOX has been an important exhibitor of CHINAPLAS for many years. For the annual Adsale show, GENOX will communicate with many customers inside and outside the industry through exhibitions. This year is a year of vigorous development of the domestic economic environment, and also a year of the development and construction of the foreign renewable resource industry after the foreign Basel Convention . GENOX hopes to strengthen communication with more customers through this exhibition, grasp the trend of market development, and grow together with customers in the changes of the new market, and achieve a win-win situation.


PRM Editor : This year's China Exhibition is very special because of the pandemic. Does President Ling have any special thoughts about this Exhibition in China?

Mr. Ling : After the cancellation of CHINAPLAS last year, the exhibition will be held again after a lapse of two years. Customers are very enthusiastic about participating. In particular, many large domestic petrochemical plants and listed companies have participated in the investment of plastic renewable resources , including brand owners who are also very active in promoting the application of renewable resources. GENOX will also actively participate in the changes in the development of this industry. We are confident to meet the next growth.

We are very grateful to Mr. Ling of GENOX Recycling Technology Company for sharing his company's insights to our PRM E-NEWS readers. Environmental protection and plastic recycling have become the most important issues in the world. We also see GENOX’s investment and professionalism. Today is the last day of the exhibition. Our partners in China will seize the opportunity to visit, or continue to watch PRM E-NEWS, and give you the latest China exhibition news!


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