Innovations in Taiwanese Blown Film Industry: Explore the role of Kung Hsing as a pioneering force in the blown film industry


With the rapid evolution of film raw materials, the challenges posed to blown film machines and the increasing demands on technology are ever-growing. As an innovative leader in the Taiwanese blown film sector, Kung Hsing, with over 50 years of accumulated experience, collaborates with customers to drive innovation.

Facing the diverse needs of customers and various issues in blown film, how does Kung Hsing continuously progress, excel, and provide blown film equipment that is not only suitable but also superior for film factories worldwide?


Innovation Key 1: sales team explores needs with customers professionally

Innovation starts with exploring customer needs, not with whimsical ideas. Kung Hsing's sales team places great importance on educating and passing on blown film expertise. When faced with customer questions and demands, the team quickly clarifies customer ideas and collaborates with the technical development team to find the most suitable solutions.

"Nowadays, customers know exactly what they want, especially with the rapid changes in film raw materials. We can't know everything, so it's essential to humbly consult with customers to efficiently assist the team and customers in finding solutions faster," says Wendy, Sales Manager at Kung Hsing.


Innovation Key 2: Solid technical support encourages customers to entrust development requirements

With an average production of 200 blown film machines per year, Kung Hsing's research and design team, along with the on-site assembly team, provides robust technical support. This instills great confidence in the sales team to face the rapidly changing market and various challenges from customers.

"With the rapid growth in packaging demand and enhanced cross-industry development capabilities of customers, many non-traditional packaging customers enter this field. We need to provide comprehensive and accurate blown film expertise to help new customers enter the blown film market and choose models with high good value," says Wendy, smiling. At this point, they become teachers guiding customers in constructing entire factory line plans.

Most of Kung Hsing's current orders are customized, and every year they face new development demands from customers because customers know about Kung Hsing's profound technical capabilities, enabling them to win customer trust.


Kung Hsing's research and design team, along with the on-site assembly team, provides robust technical support.


Innovation Key 3: Standardized processes find differentiation with customers

Rich data allows Kung Hsing to quickly assist customers in identifying suitable blown film machine models. This relies on Kung Hsing's already established standardized processes, outlining the overall framework of development projects, gradually finding differentiation with customers, and using advanced mold flow analysis to show potential research outcomes, allowing customized models to be implemented rapidly and effectively.

"With the increasing prevalence of new composite materials, customers initially have vague concepts. We use standardized specifications to gradually clarify issues with customers. Every time a customer raises a question, I am grateful for the team's support. Not only the research and design team but also the procurement team to find the correct components. So, having a strong team is a crucial key to Kung Hsing's continuous innovation," confidently states Wendy.


Future Direction: Inevitable trend towards energy-saving and carbon reduction (ESG)

Discussing recent trends in blown film machines, Wendy mentions the globally popular topic in recent years, "ESG sustainability." With the deadlines set by Europe approaching, this is a necessary transformation from brands to suppliers and then to manufacturers.


Kung Hsing is also dedicated to continuous efforts in ESG sustainability issues. After careful consideration and research, their main focus is on two aspects:

  1. Increased investment in the research and development of biodegradable and future environmentally friendly materials: In addition to biodegradables, an increasing variety of eco-friendly materials are emerging, requiring different research and development adjustments for the extrusion machine, screws, and barrels.
  2. Finding the optimal balance between energy efficiency and machine performance in sustainability: In recent years, countries worldwide have set forth explicit terms regarding ESG sustainability. Kung Hsing actively engages in discussions to proactively respond, continuing research and development of machines, all while wholeheartedly striving to contribute to the protection of our planet.


"Even before ESG emerged, Kung Hsing has been consistently working on how to achieve greater energy-saving and carbon reduction in machine design. However, obviously, this is not enough," pauses Wendy, "The upcoming trend won't just be a passing topic. We know it will bring different changes."

Kung Hsing is actively preparing to embrace the changes that the new wave will bring.




About Kung Hsing

Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1972. They are the equipment manufacturer supplying custom-built Blown Film Machines, Monofilament Making Machines, and Flat Yarn Making Machines. From a simple machine to whole plant equipment, Kung Hsing is capable of designing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. Over half a century, Kung Hsing has accumulated decades of experience and accurately provides blown film extrusion lines that meet market needs and bring customers success.