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CHAO WEI: 3 Times Folding Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine


Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine With In-Line 3 Foldings Unit By Servo Motors Control

3 times folding bottom sealing bag making machine CWA+3F-1000-SV will be exhibited from 18th to 21st Oct. at VietnamPlas, booth No. A222 and 28th Nov. to 2nd Dec at IPF Japan, booth No. 31702.

CWA+3F-1000-SV is suitable for the production of bottom sealed bags with 3 times folding, first 2 times folding of the bag’s length and last 1 time folding of the bag’s width. This machine is equipped with 4 sets servo motors, 1 set for main sealing and cutting machine and 3 sets for the 3 times folding unit. Besides, it is also equipped with 2 touch screen controls for friendly and easy operations while reducing labor costs and having more efficient productivity. Furthermore, last third folding can be set for single piece or several pieces together according to customer's requirements.

Main features of the machine are as follows:

  • Suitable for the production of HDPE, LDPE and recycled polyethylene materials.
  • Japan made servo motor and servo driver control bag length precisely with stable speed and reducing electric consumption.
  • Bag length and speed can be changed easily from touch screen.
  • Automatic 3 times folding unit is controlled by servo motors.
  • Quantity of each stack can be set from touch screen.
  • German made photocell SICK for accurate printing mark.
  • Machine stops automatically when:
    1. Bags jammed.
    2. Film is finished.
    3. Temperature below the setting.

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