PRM-TAIWAN Bridging the Gap with Digital Marketing Platforms: Part 1

Issue 188   2021-02-09

For many years PRM has been providing integrated marketing & media services to link international buyers & suppliers of the Plastics and Rubber Industry, to share with the audience the most updated and relevant content.

Beside being a marketplace for buyers to meet suppliers, PRM also is a Digital Platform where users get quick access and close insight into the industry through machinery introduction contents & videos, machinery specifications & features, E-Newsletter contents, interview videos with business owners, worldwide exhibitions contents & videos, and many more.

For the upcoming weeks, we will be having a series of posts mentioning how we best serve our international audience and who we are for international customers.


Content's Preview and Dates:

  • (2/13) What is PRM Media Channel?
  • (2/20)   What’s new on PRM Plastics and Rubber B2B Platform?
  • (2/27) How PRM works on matchmaking Buyers and Suppliers? 
  • (3/6) What updates we announce on PRM E-News and Blog?

We invite you to know us better through PRM’s Platform and Functions:


PRM-TAIWAN Plastics and Rubber B2B Platform: https://www.prm-taiwan.com/media-channel 

PRM Media Channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PRMTaiwan 

PRM Media Channel on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PRMMediaChannel 

PRM Media Channel on  LinkedIn: https://tw.linkedin.com/company/prm-taiwan