LYM, Working Hand by Hand with Customers to Overcome Challenges for 3 Decades.

Issue 188   2021-02-09

In recent years, the plastic ban and covid-19 pandemic have caused a significant blow to plastic machine manufacturer, and it seems no way out in the short term. In order to work with customers to pass through this difficult time, LYM, with 30 years of experience in the plastic machine field, has dedicated itself to find solutions for customers.

1. Bio-degradable material:
LYM has put many efforts on developing eco-friendly bags. By minor adjustment and modification, customers can and will keep using the same equipment to produce Bio-degradable bags without surrendering much production performance. We are always willing to share our experience and technology with our customers to improve efficiency.


2. Industrial heavy-duty bag:
Demand for industrial packaging has soaring and we provide fast and stable production line with multiple servo systems for heavy-duty bag manufacturing. Feedback from customers is positive but we never satisfied. This year, we adopt a more advanced controller and more accurate program to let machines run in higher efficiency with highly flexible operation.

3. Courier Bag production line:
Due to pandemic, e-commerce, and online-shopping have been going uptick. LYM offers customers an all-in-one courier bag line with all of the options on it, this lets customer to meet all demands for all kinds of courier bags around the world.

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