PRM Inquiry Development

Issue 186   2021-01-14

On PRM, we manage a B2B platform where we show all different kinds of Taiwanese machines related to Plastics and Rubber Industry. On this platform, you’ll be able to see many different suppliers presenting machine features, videos, applications, e-catalogs, and many other informative contents in 8 different languages. Also, on this informative and constantly updating platform, we provide two methods for buyers to fill in the information to us. We have a free membership in which the buyer has the option to create an account with the benefits of directly contacting the selected supplier, track down their request to the supplier, add pictures and files to their inquiries and manage the inquiry history. The second method is the simplest way in which the buyer just submits it’s request and just waits until our supplier contacts them. This is where the Inquiry Development Department is responsible for. PRM has a department of professional specialists who deals with the analysis of the buyer’s information and the execution to match the buyer with the most suitable supplier. 

Mainly, most of the buyers who are on a daily basis contacting us are from many different nationalities around the globe. Meaning we will receive thousands of requests possibly in different languages. Many of our buyers come from organic searches, e-news, Youtube and Facebook (where you can read more about the industry insights). We provide the fastest and easiest way for buyers to fill in the information and pass it down to our suppliers. We constantly work hard on making every step of the process more accurate and more convenient.


Once we receive the inquiry or requests form (As above image) from our buyers, we will analyze it carefully and if it's clearly enough to understand what kind of machine the buyer is searching for we will proceed to match the buyer with the most suitable supplier. But, if the buyer’s request is not providing what kind of machine they are looking for, then we will try to contact the buyer through an email requesting for more information. Normally we have three different kinds of buyers. One that is requesting for a machine we provide on our B2B Platform that has the same function or specification, buyers who send us their request directly suggesting a supplier that can manufacture the machine they need, and buyers who contact directly our suppliers through our Platform.
In the previous year, we reached some goals that were meaningful to us even though we got a tough year due to COVID-19. We got ourselves a screen where we can check how many people are watching our website and what page they are looking at. We also have an updated record of how many people has registered for membership. We can also check from what kinds of sources those people are using to find us. As the following image shows, compared to previous year of the same week, we had 30 requests for the current week on 2020 and 79 requests on 2019. Also, we received 152 requests from previous week on 2020 and 94 requests for same dates on 2019, meaning we increased our requests by a 62% on 2020. At last, we can also check from which countries we have been receiving requests.