PRM Media Channel Welcomes 2021 with its New Interface

Issue 186   2021-01-14

In our previous articles, we have mentioned the huge transformation in the plastics and rubber industry during the pandemic. The situation reveals the importance of digital marketing in the B2B industries, which allows suppliers and buyers to communicate regardless of the distance or any physical boundaries caused by the pandemic. This is the main reason that we founded PRM Media Channel on social media channels previously and in 2021 we announce the PRM Media Channel platform on the PRM-TAIWAN B2B website.
PRM-TAIWAN, as a leading marketing and media company in Taiwan with the scope of the plastics and rubber industry, transforms itself to better serve the manufacturers and the buyers in the industry. Since we understood the buyers are willing to examine the machinery, auxiliaries, and materials before they buy; we have shortened the physical distances through our PRM Media Channel platforms on the social media channels and on our B2B website. 

► PRM Media Channel Overview
The main role of PRM Media Channel is to provide current industry insights from different local and regional markets around the world through interviews with the experts of the industry, as well as provide machinery videos to let international buyers better understand the products they are willing to buy. For instance, so far we have helped many buyers who are looking for disposable plastic glove making machines, medical face mask making machines, melt-blown extruders and molds, medical injection molding machines related to the emerging needs around the globe.
This year in 2021, we introduce PRM Media Channel platform on the PRM-TAIWAN B2B website. Through the user-friendly interface, the platform lets the audience browse through categorized videos. The current video categories, which you can select on the right side of the page, include the following:
Industry Insight: Insights into global and local markets through interviews with experts.
PRM Live Streams: Live stream videos that are related to the plastics and rubber industry.
Plastics and Rubber Machinery Videos: Machinery and manufacturer introduction videos based on various categories of machinery.
Recent Fair Shows: Recent on-site interviews and exhibition activities from global plastic and rubber trade fairs.
About PRM: Videos related to the services of PRM-TAIWAN.

► PRM Media Channel Main and Sub-categories
Moreover, after clicking the thumbnail, the videos will be open in a pop-up view which is considered more user friendly for the audience. On the right side of each video, you will see the video description and also the contact information of the designated manufacturer. By filling the form, you can send your message or inquiry to the manufacturer directly.

► Contact designated suppliers directly through inquiry form

PRM Media Channel continues to serve the industry in a comprehensive way to keep its audience up to date. Besides the PRM Media Channel on our platform, we are also on various social media channels as follows to reach many more audiences and shorten the distances due to pandemic.  Welcome to visit PRM Media Channel for a comprehensive integrated marketing experience and to find your selected suppliers of the plastics and rubber industry. Moreover, let us know your feedback and opinions, which will help us to improve our service quality.
PRM Media Channel on PRM-TAIWAN: https://www.prm-taiwan.com/media-channel
PRM Media Channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PRMTaiwan
PRM Media Channel on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PRMMediaChannel
PRM Media Channel on  LinkedIn: https://tw.linkedin.com/company/prm-taiwan