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This model of one-stage, three station in ection stretch blow molding machine is made by KAI MEI plastic machinery co. Itd. It has the possibility to economically produce high quality contain­ ers using various of many kinds of material in PET,PP,PC,TRITAN,PES,etc. and save energy. It lets our customers obtain the most profits with the fast cycle time from this injection stretch blow-molding machine.


The process of this machine is by using a rotary disk to cycle three stations. At the first station,there is a high clamping force on the inection mould of this machine to ensure obtaining a good performace quality. At the second station, we assigned a controller to adjust the temperature so that our customers could obtain the best quality bottles. At the third station, it is in process of the stretching and high pressure blowing shape. At the last station,high quality bottles can be easily taken out.
Model No.  UNIT  MIB 75 MIB 65 MIB 55 MIB 45
Screw Dia. mm 75 65 55 45
lnjection Capacity cm3 / shot 884 565 333 175
Screw Heating Capacity kw 12.5 10 7 4.2
lnjection Clamping Force ton 102 102 61 33
Blowing Mold Clamping Force ton 55 43 34 18
Maximum Blowing Air Pressure bar 30 30 30 30
Air Pressure System bar 8 8 8 8
Hydraulic Pack Pump Motor hp 75 60 50 40
Operating Hydraulic Pressure (max) kg / cm2 140 140 140 140
Total power consumption kw 82.5 64.5 50.5 35
Machine Size LxWxH(M) 6.5*3.4*5 5.8*3*4.7 5.4*2.4*4.2 4.5*2.0*3.4
Machine weight ton 20 16 11 7
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