Classification : Blow Molding Machine
Country: Taiwan
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It is designed for small containers Mouth-to-Mouth design. Mouth-to-Mouth design can improve two-time production for double-station machines. It creates a unique and new mold design and auto cutting device. It can increase machine stability and decrease defective rates. This is the latest high-producion machine technology.

Powerful 4 tie-bars type mold clamping system combined with 8 die-head design. It can produce any kind of small and medium container at high speeds. Available to equip with auto deflashing device and take-out robot to achieve fully automatic and highly efficient production. Or it can equip with specialized take-out robot and conveyor to take out products from single side in order to have convenient production-line formulation.

Prodcut max. capacity
--Mouth-to-Mouth Bottle
--Non Mouth-to-Mouth Bottle
C.C. 60-130
Mould center distance mm 80*7 80*7
Outer diameter of die mouth mm 35 35
Min./Max. dia. Of product mm 35-55 35-55
Screw Diameter mm 95 100
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 24/1 24/1
Inverter Motor HP 75 75
Screw Speed r.p.m 15-65 15-65
Extruding Capacity Kg/hr 150 180
Clamping Force Ton 11 12
Hydraulic Drive Motor HP 40 40
Dry cycle Sec. 6.5*2 6.5*2
Air Pressure Kg/cm² 8-10 8-10
Air Consumption L/min 3000 3500
Total Eletric Power KW 128 131
Machine N.W. Kg 20000


*All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.