Classification : Blow Molding Machine
Country: Taiwan
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It is a handled PC water bottle, and it only needs one machine to finish the process of injection and blowing. It is an integrated, one-step, and multi-function machine. Handle and bottle belong to one kind of raw material. Raw Material is easy to recycle. Same kind of raw material is easy to deal with during recycle. Save money, save space, and save energy. MIB 85-C machine not only can save energy, but also can save environmental protection. Few flash. Flash of this machine only has 2.56%.
Model No. UNIT MIB 85-C
Screw Diameter mm 85
Injection Capacity cm3 1440
Screw Heating Capacity kw 24.7
Injection Clamping Force ton 61
Injection Mold Daylight mm 580
Blowing Mold Clamping Force ton 41
Blowing Mold Opening Stroke mm 400-800
Maxinum Blowing Air Pressure kg/cm2 20
Blowing Air Pressure kg/cm2 14
Operation Air Pressure bar 8
Hydraulic Motor hp 50HP+100HP
Machine Size(L x W x H) mm 9,500 x 4,000 x 5,500
Machine Weight ton 15.0

*All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

  • Approximate Capacity (Gallon) 5 G
  • Neck Diameter 65 mm
  • Body Diameter 270 mm
  • Height Diameter 485 mm

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