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TAIWAN KINKI: Dual Expertise in Business and Technology, Standing Out in the Vertical Injection Molding Industry with Excellence in Quality and Flexible Services

Taiwan Kinki Machinery (TKC) has established itself at the top of the vertical injection moulding industry after more than four decades of persistence, overcoming challenges under Mr Wu's command, and impeccable teamwork. Their astonishing achievements can be found in each machine they make, which is capable of extreme precision and efficiency, but more importantly, in their excellent services that successfully satisfy buyers’ demands. 


In an era of fast fashion trending across the globe, relying on fixed products seems insufficient. Business owners must face the ever-changing market, and making quick and decisive decisions has become crucial for contemporary enterprises. However, these decisions would be nothing if their production lines and factory machines could not catch up with the changes. This is where TKC's flexibility in updating production lines becomes a crucial element to keep your business prosperous and supply the popular trending demands to expand the market further. TKC allows you to adjust and customise the machines to your needs flexibly, empowering you to stay ahead of the market trends. From understanding your needs to designing to machine assembly and after-sales service, TKC will provide you with the most efficient solution.


TKC’s business department is at the front of the company; they are in charge of market development, finding buyers, and promoting TKC's popularity and fame. They will attend exhibitions, study the buyers’ needs and feedback, and constantly provide suggestions to improve their machines and services. Crucially, they are your bridge to communicate your unique needs with the technical and R&D departments, allowing you to convey your thoughts effectively and wishes to the technicians. With the business department’s sharp agency and initiative, they can better understand your needs and help the team plan and visualise the best solution. Meanwhile, the technical department is the backbone of the TKC; they have rich technical knowledge and professional skills, allowing the team to solve various technical problems and challenges you may face quickly. Whether designing new products or solving all kinds of needs, their technicians will complete the tasks efficiently, like a lightning bolt.



With those handy services and splendid teamwork, you might imagine TKC as a big international enterprise that monopolises and dominates the industry by its size. Still, TKC is surprisingly an undersized company that dominates the industry through its quality and service persistence. TKC’s small size also gives TKC the advantage of flexible communication reflexes, high efficiency, and creating an environment for perfect teamwork between departments.



TKC is one of the best machine manufacturers in the vertical injection molding industry. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of every individual member of every TKC department, the TKC brand shines like gold in a field of stiff competition. TKC’s machines have supported its customers in manufacturing high-quality goods for decades. The TKC team’s accessible communication, flexibility, and persistence to perfection have helped many businesses overcome the challenges of the ever-changing world market. Perhaps TKC will be your firm supporter for the next decade, so why not give them a try?

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