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MING JILEE: Bag Converting Machine Experts since 1987

MING JILEE focus on Bag Converting Machine, Stationery Folder Machine, Air Bubble Envelope Machine, Extrusion Line and all kind Masks Machine since 1987.

MING JILEE will bring the latest in-line zipper bag side sealing machine (MGA-06Z-800D) to K Show 2022 in Dusseldorf Germany. In order to reach 220 cycle/min production, MING JILEE install total 3 servo motors to control the good tension and keep high speed smooth production.

(1) Feed material : LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA
(2) Single layer film thickness: 0.04 - 0.08 mm
(3) Effective bag width (feeding length) : 85 - 600 mm
(4) Effective bag length (sealing width) : 150 - 650 mm
(5) Output : 40 - 220 pcs /min

(1) Taiwan made PLC controller. High stable, best quality and internet connection.
(2) The size control of Zipper Bag Side Sealing Machine is by servo motor.
(3) For getting the best quality of zipper bag product, unwinding station is mount the auto tension control
(4) The individual zipper strip unwinder with motor control to get the high quality of zipper sealing quality.
(5) Ultrasonic welding is design by motor driven for highest speed production

3 mm zipper bag
11 mm flange zipper bag
Option: in-line slider inserting system