Issue 180   2020-10-15

October 16th is a great day, we are glad to announce Genius Machinery Live stream. It will be a great opportunity to understand more about one of the main players in the Recycling industry in Taiwan.

We will have the great honor to get the latest insight from the industry from Mr. Peter Tsai, General Manager of the company.

We will cover different topics such as Company introduction but also general introduction of their products, including their Plastic recycling machines, plastic washing plants, pelletizing systems, drying machines of plastic washing lines and also their shredders and crushers. Within their items will also explain their KRIEGER-Series that are cutter compactor recycling machines, RECO-series recycling machines with side force feeder and DW-series squeeze dryer.

During this 2020 year, one of the main highlight has been the up and down and uncertainty for the Plastics industry, Mr. Peter will explain to us all the different ways they have been doing to overcome a variety of challenges, such as many methods to maintain a close interaction with the customers.

Genius machinery has over 45 years of experience, on which have earn customers trust, and make them possible to sales on each continent.

They are not only greater and better at making high quality and performance machines, but throughout these years they have focused strongly on strengthening the after sales service for enhanced client satisfaction. Due to their duty on making the best out of their clients they have become more than capable to adapt to the client’s needs and specifications. In that way they are constantly changing their machines innovations, features and functionality by customizing machines according to the client’s material.

Genius Machinery selling reach has covered more than 70 countries, and sold more than 2000 machines. One key point to their success has been collaborating with agents situated in many different parts of the world that understands well their machines for a better service on installation and operation processes.
And remember to click on the following link to watch the Live stream on October 16th at 21:00(GMT+8)
Genius Machinery Live stream
Country     Time    Country   Time   
Eastern United States October 16th 09:00(GMT-4) Turkey October 16th 16:00(GMT+3)
Western United States October 16th 06:00(GMT-7) Russia October 16th 16:00(GMT+3)
Mexico October 16th 08:00(GMT-5) UAE October 16th 17:00(GMT+4)
Brazil October 16th 10:00(GMT-3) Saudi Arabia October 16th 16:00(GMT+3)
Morocco October 16th 14:00(GMT+1) Japan / Korea October 16th 22:00(GMT+9)
Egypt / South Africa October 16th 15:00(GMT+2) Vietnam October 16th 20:00(GMT+7)
United Kingdom October 16th 14:00(GMT+1) India October 16th 18:30(GMT+5:30)
Germany October 16th 15:00(GMT+2) Australia October 17th 00:00(GMT+11)

If you want to get more information or inquire about Genius Machinery Products please check the links below:
Genius Machinery Official Website: https://geniusplas.com/en/index.html
Genius Machinery Social Media:
Genius Machinery Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geniusmachinery
Genius Machinery Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Geniusmachinery

Genius Machinery Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/GeniusMachinery