GENIUS MACHINERY Starting a New Year Working Together with Clients Around the World

Issue 167   2020-03-18

From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, Genius Machinery has installed more than 20 plastic recycling machines worldwide, including Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Taiwan.

Plastic film recycling plant.
Output: 800KG 

Plastic film squeeze dryer
Output: 700KG 
Plastic film squeeze dryer
Output: 700KG 
Plastic film squeeze dryer
Output: 1400KG 

GENIUS MACHINERY Keeps Innovation and with Our Non-stop Progressing DW Series Plastic Film Squeeze Dryer.

For decades, Genius Machinery has been committed to innovation and improvement, taking the client's feedback as a treasure, and providing our client with the most user-friendly equipment. The latest DW-PRO series plastic film squeeze dryers, in addition to greatly increasing operation capacity, bringing the highest profits to the client, making our machine more humanize and easier to operate. Nevertheless, the latest CNC process and surface abrasion treatment are able to extend the machine lifespan substantially. Saving maintenance costs for our client.


Taking Challenge

Facing the economic shock caused by the COVID-19, Genius Machinery will stand with every client and keep providing plastic recycling equipment that brings the client the highest profit. We believed, only client succeed is the real success.

DW-PRO Series Plastic Film Squeeze Dryer
More Humanize Machine Designed

  • Higher output
  • Longer operating lifespan
  • Optimize client profit
  • Moisture down to less than 1% after squeezed
  • Flexible customize


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