Hydraulic Automatic Feed Die Cutting Machine (Four Column Press)

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  • The improved and upgraded traditional punching machines.
  • Adopt four column of Hydraulic cylinder, average cutting force, high efficiency to raise the productivity.
  • The upper die install by Magnetic platen, it is very convenient to change die.
  • Microcomputer controller with touch sensing screen for maximum operation convenience and accuracy. Also, optional equipped with LCD screen computer control system is available, which it can memory operation program, provide the most convenient in operation and accurate cutting operation.
  • Lubricated system design on Main shaft to avoid machine parts damage in movement and enhance machine lifetime.
  • The Safety device (opening safe net for emergency stop motion) ensures the operator safety.
  • Options: Air shaft unwind device, Air shaft rewind device
Model No. YC-506B YC-506E
Cutting force 6Tons 6Tons
Cutting size W350xL(D)280mm W550xL(D)350mm
Material thickness T1~10mm T1~10mm
Cutting speed 20~70times/min 30~60times/min
Open daylight 40~120mm 50~140mm
Machine size Approx. L1140 x W970 x H1730 mm Approx. L1550 x W1450 x H2250 mm
Machine weight Approx. 1100kgs Approx. 2500kgs
Model No. YC-506L YC-506X-60T
Cutting force 10Tons 60Tons
Cutting size W620xL(D)420mm W1000xL(D)1200mm
Material thickness T1~10mm T1~10mm
Cutting speed 20~70times/min 10~25times/min
Open daylight 40~120mm 100~200mm
Machine size Approx. L1950 x W1180 x H1900 mm Approx. L2200 x W2200 x H2300 mm
Machine weight Approx. 2200kgs Approx. 6500kgs

Specifications are subject to change without notice for design improvement.

The specification can be designed by customers demand.

Suitable for cutting one layer or several layer of such material as rubber sheet (bottom sole, medium sole), EVA, leather, plastic canvas, vacuum foaming products, nylons, carpet, mat, corks, soft tiles, paper boards and synthetic materials.