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  • Pneumatically shut-off nozzle can create a flawless gate with no drooling and no stringing. Gate only leaves a small witness ring.
  • The large gate openings are possible. This makes processing at high-flow rates much easier.
  • The valve pin can be closed allowing plastification during mold open stages.
  • No stringing, no drooling, no residue in the gate. Very good gate mark.
  • Because it can provide bigger gate size, therefore it is very suitable for big size injection molding. Also lower injection pressure and less stress during molding.
  • A sequence controlled valve gate system could help produce a no weld line part.
  • We provide AVMT, SVDT, NL-SVDP, SVG types.
Type NL-SVDP 48
Ø D1 3.0~4.0
Ø D2 41.5
Ø D3 12
Ø D4 42.5
Ø D5 55
L 90~200