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  • The most used nozzle.
  • There is a torpedo inside the nozzle to have a circularity gate and guide the melt along the torpedo to flow into the cavity, and therefore can reduce the production of cool plug.
  • Can reduce the cycle time due to the gate will cool down fast. It will be possible to have 4 seconds / cycle with excellent mold design.
  • This series is very popular for unapparent gate mark.
  • When the melt has added with glass fiber or is shear-sensitive and has strict requirement to the flow mark that will need more attention.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • According to the necessary, we can choose by using Sprue gating or Pin-point gating nozzle.
  • The sprue nozzle is the most popular type. Not only it's suitable for almost all of the plastic material but also it provides easy color change.
  • The pin-point gating nozzle: It provides good gate mark, reduction in raw materials consumption, and reduction of finishing work on molding. 
  • There are AESB, ANPR, ANPT, NL-ANPT and other specifications. 
Type ANPT 10 ANPT 20 ANPT 30 ANPT 40 ANPT 50
Ø D1 0.8~1.2 1.0~2.5 1.5~3.0 1.8~3.5 3.0~4.0
Ø D2 8 9 15 16 20
Ø D3 4 5 7.5 10 14
Ø D4 19 25 32 40 45
D5 40 40 40 40 45
L 55~95 52~160 80~250 80~400 80~600