Classification : Plastic & Rubber Pellet Making Line
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Kuo Hsiung Lo
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One of our main products, this can be attached to numerous different machinery lines, including pelletizing lines, master batch machines and compounding machines. Our machinery can process many different kinds of pellets including: (EVA, HDPE, PVC, PE, CaCo3 Sulfur etc)

The PR-series is a combination of twin-screw feeder and extruder, which is able to process a round mass of raw materials produced by a banbury mixer. This twin-screw design feeds raw materials so stably that it’d decrease the risk of material supply shortage, and further, it’d increase both the yield rate and product quality. Besides, it would create a stable production line by reducing your labor cost and time with this unique design.

Output Capacity 20~30KG/Hr (According material flow rate, viscosity and gravity)

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