Classification : Plastic & Rubber Pellet Making Line
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Kuo Hsiung Lo
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Our specialized EVA Pellet Making line includes a dispersion kneader, conveyer system, pelletizing machine, screener and blender. For the specific purpose of making EVA pellets, our EVA Pellet Making Machine has been optimized to handle any of your EVA pellet making needs.

We can also provide automated production line for you, and to adjust and customize equipment according to your needs.
MODEL NO. PR125-250 PR160-275
Fit for Kneader 55 L 75 l 75 L 110 L
Skip Conveyor 2 HP 2 HP
Taper Twin Screws Feeder PRT 250 PRT 275
Driving Motor 10 HP 10 HP
Extruder 125 mm 160 mm
Single Screw L / D Ratio 8:1 8:1
Extruding Capacity (kg / hr) EVA  200~350 EVA  300~500
Main Motor 40 HP~60HP 60 HP~100HP
Heater Capacity 20 kw 25 kw
Temperature Control 6 Points 6 Points
Cutting Die Hot Cutter Hot Cutter
Cutting Motor 1 HP 1 HP
Force Blower 5 HP 7.5 HP
Cooling Tank 1 Set 2 Set
Vibrating Screener 1 Set 1 Set
Cooling Blower 3 HP 3~5 HP
Machine Weight (Approx) 7500 Kg 8000 Kg
Machine Size(mm) 20000x5000x3500 20000x5000x3500~4000

This catalogue is for reference only, designs and specifications are subject to modify without prior notice.