What's news in China? CHINAPLAS Interviews Part.1

Issue154   2019-06-18

China is always changing. A lot happened recently in China, the rise of 5G, progress in Smart Manufacturing and the ban of the plastic waste import. The devellopment of China brought huge transformation, China is evoluating, and it is not looking anymore to be a low cost production country. China will improve the quality of them products, and are looking to become a leader and compete with internationals brand. The decision to banned plastic waste import is one of the examples how China is changing. PRM-TAIWAN has been present in CHINAPLAS, the biggest exhibition in China. CHINAPLAS is not only a Chinese exhibitions, but an international platform with 163,314 visitors, including 42,005 overseas visitors(25.72%). Come check out how our interviewees (from DUPONT, JINMING, GENOX) adapted them companies to these changes.

Interviewee: Jeroen Bloemhard
Position: Global Vice President
Company Type: Manufacturer


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Plastic is not only about machinery, but also about materials. Dupont, famously reputed for the creation of Polyamide (Nylon) are still innovating. Industry cars, 5G, IOT (Internet of Things) are growing market in China, and Dupont has innovative solutions for theses market. Come check out the insight analysis of the Chinese plastic’s market.

Interviewee Simeon Wang
Position: Vice Director of Marketing
Company Type:Manufacturer


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Smart factory projects and remote-control systems are one of the new eras for the machinery manufacturing industry. Jinming, as a one of the leading multilayer co-extrusion and blown film line expert in China, puts effort on this trend to provide higher efficiency, time and cost saving for their customers and themselves. On this video, we will hear more from Mr. Wang about mono to 11 layers of blown film lines, open house exhibition at Jinming’s headquarter and smart factory project.

Interviewee: Jaime Jiang
Position: Overseas Marketing Director
Company Type:Manufacturer


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Today we see Genox on the stage for an interview with PRM-TAIWAN. Genox is one of the leading recycling machinery manufacturers in China and one of the regular guests of CHINAPLAS for many years. This year Genox’s shredders, granulators, squeezers and centrifugal dryers were on stage. We will also hear Mr. Jiang’s opinion about China’s waste material ban and the effects on Chinese recycling business.

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