Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2018 Interview Videos Part One

Issue 146   2018-12-20

An exhibition influenced by the local economy.

Delivery delay due by the depreciation
Due to the Indonesian rupiah devaluations, many manufacturers reported that the transactions were suspended, and planned to proceed once the currency value will rebound.
An assembly plants market
After we analyzed our inquiries results, we noticed that the degree of inquiry of components was higher of machinery inquiries. Compared with other exhibition venues, Indonesia exhibits a large number of component factories. The components imported are purchased separately and afterwards manufactured on assembly plants.

【Pamerindo Indonesia】

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Interviewee:Ben Wong / Managing Director
Company Type:Exhibition organizer

Pamerindo is the traid fair organiser leading the Indonesian market. They organized the plastic & rubber Indonesia 2018. Ben Wong is explaining to us what make plastic & rubber Indonesia 2018 unique and a reference to integrate the Indonesian market. He is also explaining the plan for the next exhibitions by integrating more industry related to plastic and rubber, and also have more content to educate the visitors.


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Interviewee:David Lo / Marketing manager
Company Type:Manufacturer

Polystar Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in plastic recycling machinery, blow film machine and bag making machine. It is one of our most successful customer, who achieved 10 years ago the mutation from an OEM to become an international brand. David Lo is sharing his insight about the Indonesian market, these opportunities and challenged he meets about the currency fluctuation. We had an introduction to the Polystar’s new machine: The Cutter compactor plastic recycling machine (HNT-V). You can click HERE for any inquiry. 


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Interviewee:Billy Tjang/ President Director
Company Type:Agent 

Pt Bilplast Grapindo is an agent specialized in plastic and rubber machinery in the Indonesian and Malaysian market. Billy introduce us the add value of Taiwanese machinery. He is also sharing his expertise on how to choose a machinery and the mains criterias.

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