IRAN PLAST 2018 Interview Videos Part One

Issue 144   2018-10-19

Exhibition Overview

[US Sanctions Lacerating Iran's Trading Environment] 

People thought there isn’t a market need for plastic and rubber machinery in Iran. On the contrary, Iran has shortages on a lot of equipment and raw materials. However, although there is a huge demand for goods, money could not be remitted due to the sanctions.

After the US sanctions, Iran’s international financial exchanges have been greatly hindered, and Iran’s global trade activities have been almost completely cut off. This is one of the major difficulties Iran is currently experiencing. This is not the first time Iran has been subjected to economic sanctions. The dispute between Iran and the United States never really ended.

Iran’s development of nuclear weapons has attracted the attention of all countries in the world, especially the United States. What is different in comparison to previous sanctions in the past is that, it was possible to transfer money through third parties such as Dubai and Japan, but now it will not work. Trump's new sanction programs prohibited that from happening. Trump warned, any country maintaining trading relations with Iran cannot maintain business with the United States.

As we know, sanctions do not last forever. PRM’s cheerful interactions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression within Iranplast. Instead of providing immediate profit and sales, PRM has laid down foundations for future exchanges in between Taiwanese companies and Iranian buyers. PRM is optimistic that Taiwanese companies will find many opportunities for future years.


【Polymer Pishrafteh Dana】

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Interviewee:Mehrdad Ghahari / Deputy of Managing Director
Company Type:Agent


With over 300 million people in the Middle East there is a huge demand for plastic products in the area. Mr Ghahari shows us why Iranians choose Taiwanese machinery and what it is like to work with Taiwanese companies.
If you are interested in joining this market or learning about the opportunities the Iranian market has to offer then this video can help give an insight into this topic.



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Interviewee:Hazar Soltanpour/C.E.O
Company Type:Agent


Mr. Soltanpour, a veteran of the industry helps us to understand the markets of the Middle East.
With operations in Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq we get an insight into the demands for Taiwanese machinery in these markets and how they have changed over time.

Apart from this we also learn about how sanctions over the years have affected the Iranian market and what the outlook for the future is.



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