WEBCONTROL: Ultra Slitter Rewinder, all Features for High End Converting of Flexible Packaging Materials

Issue 196 2021-06-10 Author: WEBCONTROL MACHINERY CORP.

ULTRA Slitter

The ULTRA model slitter rewinder has all the features for high end converting of flexible packaging materials as well as label stock. Razor slitting in groove or air is offered in its standard configuration. Shear slitting systems are optional, offered with manual, semi or fully automatic position control. Three AC Vector Drives, automatic tension control on unwind and rewind through easy-to-use Siemens PLC & MMI touch screen, ensure optimum finished roll quality.

The machine features an S-wrap transport section with vacuum roller for stable and slip free web transport during acceleration and deceleration. The ULTRA series slitter rewinders are offered in widths of 1300mm, 1600mm and 1800mm at speeds up to 600 m/min. Differential rewind shafts with individual ball lock friction elements, combined with E/P lay-on rollers are essential for best winding results.

The ULTRA series slitter, with 2 version of web path, and 2 types of lay-on roller design, which provide customer more solutions to fit their material. 

Overhead Version: From the unwinder, the web is guided overhead to the main machine.  
Platform Version: From the unwinder, the web is guided underneath a platform to the main machine.

Top Lay-on Roller: Suitable for high tension requested material, such as after laminates material.
Pendulum Lay-on Roller: Suitable for low tension requested material, such as PE,PP material.


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