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Issue 196 2021-06-10 Author: LIN CHENG TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.

Lin Cheng Technologies, is one of the leaders of the Industry, with more than 4 decades of experience and with good worldwide reputation, thanks to the well-known quality of their machines.
Their quality products are recognized in the domestic and overseas markets, and their sales channels are all over the world, as result has been granted with ISO 9002 quality accreditation, but also CE certificate.

Injection molding machines with CE certificate

IRH and IRHB (CE type)
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This machines has great features, such as:
  • Injection volume control : High precision optical ruler is adopted for precisely calculating and controlling
  • Design of rotary injection board: Special designs for loading/unloading functions are provided. It causes no dead material in the injection nozzle. It is easy to clean the material. It is durable and the quality is stable.
  • Safety design: A high-tech infrared safety electronic sensor and automatic warning system are adopted to monitors the status of machine in order to provide extra protection to ensure the operation safety for operators.
  • Hydraulic system design: Hydraulic system Designed by proportional pressure and flow ratio, which is steady, quiet and low frequency of malfunction. Two shafts can be operated simultaneously.
This equipment is suitable for Nature rubber, Rubber of metal boned parts, Oil resistance rubber, NBR+PVC concoction, Synthetic rubber, Medical and Pharmaceutical usage rubber and Heat resistance.
On LIN CHENG official website you will be able to find a comprehensive line of different products, including:
  • Injection molding machines
  • Vacuum molding machines
  • Compression Molding Machines
  • Other products such as Rubber, Silicone, Adhesive Rubber cutting machines.


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