PRM-TAIWAN & ADSALE Combine Strength to Enhance Video Marketing

Issue 192 2021-04-07 Author : PRM INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CO.LTD.

In recent years, many restrictions caused by pandemic COVID-19 reveals the importance of online marketing once again. Past year, many exhibitions have been canceled or postponed, manufacturers and buyers needed to overcome travel restrictions to visit each other. Many industries, including the plastics and rubber industry, required a rapid transformation to promote products online and to communicate through online platforms. At this moment, two experienced marketing and media companies, PRM-TAIWAN and ADSALE, combined their powers to support the plastics and rubber industry manufacturers and buyers through their new online activity, named [email protected]


PRM-TAIWAN and ADSALE are aware of the travel restrictions and obstacles of the communication between buyers and manufacturers due to the pandemic. Beginning of the year we came together and discussed a solution to enhance the interaction between two parties in an efficient way that aims no time or location limitation, makes two parties interact online anywhere and anytime. Then, we came up with [email protected] live streaming and video marketing activity.

[email protected] aims to bring plastics and rubber industry manufacturers on stage to discuss current issues in the industry, solutions to those issues provided by them. As well as, international buyers will have a chance to know about the manufacturers and will be able to contact them directly. There will be live streaming activities as well, international buyers and experts of the industry will be able to interact online with the manufacturers despite physical distance, either time limitation.


Welcome to visit https://www.prm-taiwan.com/cprj to take a look at this outstanding activity and learn about plastics and rubber industry manufacturers, current issues in the market, and the solutions of those manufacturers for those issues.


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