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Issue 170   2020-04-29

  • Single shaft shredder integrated recycling machine which helps the user save space.
  • Plastic waste is processed by a heavy-duty shredder. The operator could put the large size material directly. Large, thick or bulky waste can be processed without cutting. Save the cutting process labor cost and time.
  • Backflush screen changer makes filter area larger. It is the best approach to optimize efficiency during production. Moreover, our backflush screen changer is automatic. With special design, it comes without problem of leakage or standstill. If you are just seeking such an ideal device, please don’t hesitate to let us know right away!
  • Roll feeder with variable feed speed (control by inverter ) The roll feeder can be operated at the same time with belt conveyor feeding

>  Solid machine frame made of top quality iron and steel.
>  65 mm – 350mm screw for customizable manufacture. 
>  Screw design imported from Japan and assembled in Taiwan. 
>  Japanese Made control system and specifications. 
>  Easy operability which provides precision and great control.
>  All transmission devices have been adapted with a safety cover and matched with CE standardized regulations.

 GEORDING Main products: 
> Turnkey solution planning (film recycling, washing, crushing, drying, pelletizing) 
>  GEORDING helps you to plan and fully install our turnkey solution for recycling, capable of recycling PP woven bag, PE consumption bag, LDPE film, packing material film, etc.
>  Injection molding recycling system 
>  Recycling with industrial injection, medical material processing, vehicle material, blowing molding recycle bottles, toys, chemical containers, etc.
>  Other plastic waste recycling
>  Our systems can successfully recycle, pelletize and compound CaCO3 compound and other special composite materials such as rice husk.
>  Our main products also include Customized machines that can be adapted to our customers’ needs and demands, providing a unique experience for them. Join the worldwide network of satisfied customers with us and help change the world for a more environmental and sustainable future.

GEORDING, with more than thirty years of experience in the recycling business, we have built our well-known reputation and offered our services to numerous of companies around the world. We hope you can join the list of successful stories about how our customers help to change environmental problems in their own countries.
Therefore GEORDING team is ready and we hope you can have the chance to experience the advantages of our products and services, and we have the confidence to gain your trust and satisfaction, in a way that best supports your business success.


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